How to make the right progress in mid-game?

Hello dear community,

I’m looking for the right steps to progress well in the mid-game and wanted to ask you for your opinion and tips. The daily events have priority for me together with the “story missions” (I am Level 76 now), and I manage all of them with very few exceptions, even though all the opponent dinosaurs are stronger than mine. I’m not sure if the events will get tougher even though I don’t build stronger dinosaurs, so I’m gonna lose more and more events in the near future? As a next goal, I would like to reach the “PVP” tournament regularly in the top 1% and win the main prize. With Cenozoic animals and sea creatures, this is quite easy to do, but not yet with “Jurassic”.

I win games in “Jurassic-Tournaments” with my best dinosaurs, but I need them for the daily events, so I can’t do enough matches to reach the 1%. After I learned that there is no point in building stronger dinosaurs, because then everything just becomes much heavier while facing more and more cooldown-times, I therefore try to build more widely, i.e. many dinosaurs around 1000/3000, instead of a few stronger ones. That’s why I have, for example, 3x Monostegotops level 10, 3x Diplosuchus level 20, 2x Acrocanthosaurus level 20 etc… Does this makes sense?

The daily events usually bring normal legendary dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus, Ichthyostega or Pteranodon. Do bigger rewards come with stronger dinosaurs or is that it? Because my goal is, of course, to collect as many rewards as possible that you can get. That would be the case with the main prize from the tournament, wouldn’t it?

What do you think and what was your way to the top?


At a certain point, your lineup will reach the threshold where the battles become solely dependent off your top roster. I dont remember that level correctly, but I’d assume it’s around L30 VIPs.

F4F and battle stages/infinity battles will still throw harder opponents at you, but these events are suppose to be the hardest with a dramatic increase in the power of opponents compared with your top roster.

Going above L30 VIPs is purely a player’s goal, as after that ferocity level the game starts punishing players with expensive late-game tourney hybrids, and multi-day CDs, so going above that level is purely for the challenge, nothing more (outside of maybe a personal goal being a L40 of each dino).

As I said above, L30 VIPs are still in the safezone. Aka, sub-7,000 ferocity range.

I’d say this ferocity range is far too low for dom finishes.

From my experience in tournaments, I rarely need to go above using my L40 tourney dinos. Those typically sit sub-6000 ferocity, and by having almost every Tourney dino at L40 tournaments are a breeze.

You could get away with lower ferocity teams if you do FMF or FMM strats. A few minutes of searching the forums provide detail into those strats. Another strat is creating an army of Dimetrocarnuses, as they are relatively cheap, and have amazing CDs, especially for tournament runs.

Trade or sell these for other resources. Use the DNA to invest into other, more powerful dinos, like Tournament Dinos and hybrids. Keep 1 or 2 of each base legendary at L40 as they are a good buffer in winning Pred battles. In dom, focus on either FMF/FMM strats, or bringing more power dinos like L40 tourney dinos, etc.

Yes, plus the resources are better with each tier example of Pred pack rewards over the tournament pack:

Pred pack cards #1 and #2:

Then the Tourney pack card rewards #1 thru #3:

Just the fact that most/all Tourney packs offer DB cards makes it worth it. Not to mention, you unlock the dino (unless in a bracketed tourney or VIP tourney) so that’s better than the other packs where you just receive 1 to 2 copies of lower rarity dino.

In this order:

  1. Get every base-rarity dino to L40. Create a second L40 copy to fuse into hybrids.
  2. Create a sizeable Roster of near L30 VIPs in terms of ferocity.
  3. Fuse and unlock as many hybrids possible, prioritizing the more balanced and/or S-Hybrid components first.
  4. Once a decent size roster is made, work on getting to Dom via the last 10 or so places (spots 90 thru 100 in Dom). If need-be, sacrifice completing PvE events in favor of winning desirable Tourney Dinos.
  5. After being able to finish in Dom, try and get that tourney unlock to L40 as quickly as possible, with prioritizing hybrid components first since L10-L20 Tourney Hybrids are roughly equal to L30 VIPs.
  6. In the next tournament, the L40 tourney dinos are what I use in Dom league battles. Never need to bring anything stronger as long as I have enough tourney dinos at L40.
  7. Eventually with all the L40 tourney dinos, I wont have to use any of my top roster dinos in the tournaments, thus being able to complete PvE events that coincide with tournaments.
  8. Profit;


Thank you so much for all the invest you put in this post. I’m very sorry and feel a bit ashamed that I don’t understand the pro-gamer-language in some cases. :pensive:

I tried to find something like a directory, but couldn’t. I am not familiar with the terms. What do you mean by “L30 VIPs”? And ferocity I guess is the amount of attack + defense? I don’t know FMF and FMM, but will look this up in the forum too.

By the way - is there any difference ending the tournament place 1 or place 100?


VIPs are creatures you can get using LP from the solid gold packs.

LP are loyalty points in case you didn’t know

Ferocity is health + 3.2 attack

FMF and FMM are attack strategies
F stands for fodder or like level 1 commons that you use to reserve points
M stands for main which is like a main creature

Placing in the 1st or the 100th spot will give you the same rewards


Here’s a link to some one-stop shopping regarding game information.


For tourneys My advice si to get Dimetrocarnus, tapejalocephalus and monostegotops. Many lvl10 copies. (Low cooldown, can use each many times a Dany)
To get S-DNA to make those copies, do as much modded PvP battles as You can.

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You don’t even need them at lvl 10 for winning tournaments, except diplosuchus. I have many copies of lvl 10 diplosuchus, lvl 3 dimetrocarnus and lvl 1 tapejalocephalus and less lvl 1 monostegotops. It makes it easy to win tournaments. I’m not used to use FMF or FMM, but use any tank herbivore - diplosuchus - dimetrocarnus (and when I’m bored I also play tapejalocephalus - carnivore - herbivore with good attack). With short cooldown time, dominator finishes are easy. There are lots of ways to play, you just need to find your style.


I recognise where you are, this is where I was about a year ago. My way onwards was

  1. Get as many L20 VIPs as you can. These work well in groups of 3 for Dominator wins, although you can get away with using L10 VIPs and some luck. And they regenerate fast so you can use them 2 or 3 times a day.

Here’s one of my favourites:

Apato helps to build attack points and draw in a carnivore, Masto KO’s the carnivore(s), Eolambia deals with any Pteros or else acts as a neutral with good attack.

  1. Keep amassing L40 legendaries and work on the good hybrids such as Tapejalosaurus that have S-hybrids

A good team using these for Dominator

  1. Make S-hybrids and create armies of them. I have mine at several different levels for a range of ferocity, but that’s a personal preference.

With these I use 2 main attackers and a Fodder creature that can be swapped in to amass extra attack points. Practise these sorts of technique in PVP battles

Once you start winning some Tournaments in Dominator the tournament dinos are helpful at about L30, but do take a week to hatch each so adding them in is a slow process, as is making their hybrids. Ultimately these will help you build up a top team which can do the event battles while your lower team handles the tournament.

As they get stronger you can also win with this top team using 2 fodders and one main attacker and some clever swapping. I use this a lot in lower levels but my top team are still a bit borderline for this.

One last tip: if you take either just Amphibians and Herbivores, or just Carnivores and Pterosaurs, which can defend each other well, it is often easier to win. But not always!

Good luck. Have fun.


Thats what i do, works really well. Tournament battles are always round the same ferocity, doesnt matter if your top dinos are way higher.

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If i’ve done the daily missions and I have some top dinos left I use them in the tournament. Indo LvL 10 is a good example, 1 day cooldown so You can use it for next day daily missions. I never use the multiday cooldown dinos for this, Indo LvL 10 it’s the limit for me.

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Hello together,

thank you so much for the hints and new perspectives. I am very happy that I was able to be one of the 1% in the last tournament for the first time with Jurassic. If I had known that the dinosaurs are unlogged permanently, I would have invested more in the past. The first fish I had one was not unlogged and that is why I thought you just receive one (useless) copy as reward.

Honestly, the tournament was tough for me but I managed it without leaving the daily events behind and without spending additional buks, so I hope this is a breakthrough that is working for the next tournaments as well.

Maybe you can help me with two additional questions:

  1. At the moment the boss-fights are very easy for me, because having a decent Omega and a low-level Juggernaut makes oppenent-bosses be low-level so that Omega can crush them easiely. Is threre any point in leveling these bosses? Will there be better rewards? Because leveling them will increase the level of the opponent-bosses too and will make the fights tougher, I guess.

  2. Can you help me sort the legendary dinosaurs in the matter of quality? It seems to me four steps…

  • normal legendaries are the weakest, but can be transformed into great hybrids. They have acceptable cooldowns.
  • VIP (10.000 LP) are strong with low cooldowns and just 6 hourse breeding-time but they can’t evolve into better dinosaurs
  • further legendaries that are often the rewards of tournaments are weak and have a week breeding-time, but can be transformed into strong (maybe the best?) hybrids
  • VIP (35.000 LP) I don’t know yet.

Working with the tournament-legendaries makes no sense to me at the moment because it takes weeks to even breed them, without ignoring the 3-days B-DNS-challenge. But I’m looking forward working with them later and breeding a few here and then.


Some of the tournament legendaries have stats that make them useful in their own right, at level 30 and above. I like Darwinopterus and Kaprosuchus gen 2, for example, both of which have roles in my line-up that normal legendaries don’t- a glass cannon Pterosaur (although now I have the hybrid Metriaphodon takes that role over) and a high-defence fairly tanky amphi. Which ones you have a use for depends on your preferences and line-up. Also, many people enjoy the creature collected and development process in itself, so ‘need’ and ‘want’ may be different depending on your goals.

As your events get harder, especially the Legendary Rumble event, you may find you need some Tournament legendaries to fill in gaps to complete them .

Then there are legendary hybrids. Initially there are worthwhile hybrids you can make with normal legendaries - Indominus rex and I rex gen2 and Ostaposaurus are the most useful. But as your team’s ferocity gets higher some of the tournament legendary hybrids are really worth having . There’s lots of lists floating the forum, some favourites are

Metriaphodon (Metriacanthosaurus (Tournament) x Dimorphodon (normal))

Key glass cannon Pterosaur

Segnosuchus (Segnosaurus (Tournament) x Postosuchus (Super-rare)

Glass cannon herbivore

Gorgosuchus (Gorgosaurus (Tournament) x Kaprosuchus (Super-rare)

Marginally the best high-end carnivore although still not sufficient

And various carnivores, too many to list.

The S- hybrids suffice for many of these roles at low levels, the problem sets in with trying to balance the game against the overkill of Indoraptors once you get to that level.

I am not in a hurry for that challenge, other people can’t wait, it is up to you.

Just to illustrate, at the moment I am working on a herbivore hybrid, Dracoceratops. It needs 2 Tournament legendaries

I have 1 level 40 T. rex gen 2

He is useful in my current line-up so I am making a second one. Then I need to make Dracorex. It’s weeks of work, but there’s a medium term goal - at level 10 Dracoceratops will be very useful - and a long-term one - I will be able to level it up to get a team stronger than L40 Tournament Legendaries in the long run. Do I need it now? Probably not. But in the long-term yes. For me it makes it more interesting.

Sorry, I am rambling on. Hope some of this is interesting.