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How to manage BDNA

Hi there,
As there are 3 playa le bosses now but we can only use 1 per battle, is it worth buying them all or shall I first max the Omega 09?
Thank you

From a collectors perspective you should get all of them, typically around lvl 31 the events get easier. And lvl 31 is where you get to claim all of the evolution resources for each boss.


If your looking at beating the events I find juggers to be the most helpful at max level, with omegas 2k extra attack it really is not needed and so it’s better to have higher health in these wave events.

Have yet to max valk so not sure how she will be.


You mean that I should upgrade all of them to lvl 31? But I’ll only use one of them, right?

There are resources to collect at levels 1, 11, 21, and 31.
There are beacon badges that are unlocked at levels 1, 10, 20, 30, and 40.
As for using them, so far all of the Boss Events only use a single creature, and the Bosses do not have cooldowns, so what creature or creatures you use strictly come down to personal preference.


Eventually you will want all at level 31+ for the reasons @Andy_wan_kenobi laid out, I also agree with @Aether_12 in that Juggers seems the best because of the extra health thus far. But the order in which you decide to do this is fine, I do believe you have to unlock each one in succession meaning you have to unlock Omega first, then Juggers, then Valkyrie.


Having each of them at level 31 so far, I use Valkyrie the most (he has the most health at level 31, but Juggernaut does at level 40) and can win the 12 and 19 battles most of the time. I don’t waste my time with 19 or 30 battles, too much time. I just win enough to get to the next round to get the SDNA and quit.


And the loyalty points, do you use them for VIP dinos? Or for another thing?

Yes, for VIPs in the trade harbor. I also will trade them for DBs, but that’s it. Well, and the prize drop tickets, but I figured that’s a given.

I’m waiting for a discount on the 10K VIP packs (if it ever comes).