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How to minimize ghost trophy drops in Arena? Try the method below

A lot of us are facing issues with ghost matches and significant trophy drops due to same.

There is no full proof method to avoid this (unless ludia fixes it), but you can try the method I use to possibly fight every match and curb trophy drops.

Most of us get stuck on this screenScreenshot_20190506-180707

The mistake that most of us might make is let the timer run out, try this instead.
If the timer goes below 1m 30 secs restart your game… What does that do and how does it help?

If you are already in a ghost battle restarting the game post 30 seconds of countdown will give you a fair chance to battle without losing a Dino.

If it’s searching for an opponent then it will restart the clock and you might get matched to an opponent 50% of the time, which results in a fair battle.

If it’s still unable to find an opponent it will get timed out but you won’t lose any trophies as there was no battle that took place.

It’s a tedious method but in the scheme of things it might help save your hard earned trophies.

It has worked for me more often than not, you guys can try the same.

If there are other methods please feel free to share and help following DPG members.


Do you know how to leave a battle if you’ve been disconnected? Yesterday, I got to SORNA MARSHES by literally one HP. I did my first battle, then I got disconnected during it. Later on, I logged back in, then I was back in LOCKDOWN, and I still wonder why this occurred.

Unfortunately you can’t leave a battle without losing trophies, kinda forfit scenario.

Darn, thanks tho

If you get disconnect try a forced restart of the game. You have a chance of getting back into the battle to salvage it.