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How to move forward?

Hi Everyone! I’m looking for suggestions of how to deepen my bench? What dinos would you recommend for me? My goal is to safely finish in dominator without using speed ups if possible. I haven’t fared so well in the latest Amargasaurus tournament, although I could have finished in dominator with speed ups but I didn’ t want to waste DB. I do fine at PvE.

I still have a couple of battle stages to finish (wanted to clear my market first) but after that I’m looking at an extra 10k dna, then I would have about 40k dna.

I’m thinking about a new amphibian but they just seem so costly compared to the other dinos. My nundagosaurus hasn’t let me down and I find it totally cost efficient dna-wise, but I’m looking to raise the ferocity of my blue team. Although I might just end up hatching a new nundagosaurus at the end. Other option is to get koolasaurus. I’m not that sure about getting 2 new koolasauruses though (making mine a lvl 30), when I could just unlock and hatch an additional ostaposaurus to make it lvl 20.

Should I get monostegotops or should I keep my 2 lvl 30 stegoceratopses for now?

Final question for now, I have to choose between getting either two lvl 30 ankylodocuses ( I only have one lvl 30 for now) or to hatch two tapejalosauruses and make a lvl 40 (I have 1 lvl 30 and 1 lvl 20). Ankylodocus seems like a better contender but obviously I would have to hatch some more.

Any answer or suggestion about my line up is greatly appreciated!

Can you screen shot your Super DNA amounts?

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Sure :slight_smile: I also have 12k velociraptor sdna but it’s not relevant for now I guess. I’m grinding for the sarcosuchus sdna but it takes time…

I am currently in a comparibel situation with my lineup. I have next to no amphibians like you. I am focusing on doing very much mod PvP to get super DNA especially for the Diplosuchus. This will help you to get a better amphibious bench. I think I would focus on making some Koolasaurus/Ostaposaurus and not a Nundagosaurus, because you can fuse these level 20 Koolasauruses/Ostaposauruses together to get the creatures you will need at a certain level soon.

Now I see your Super DNA amounts. I would go ahead and hatch everything in exception of the Indoraptor, because it will help your lineup dramatically. But if your are afraid of getting to hard Pve due to the super hybrids make sure not to level them up to high. I guess @Sionsith will give you a deeper advice soon.

I would for sure make the Monostegotops, since you can make four of them basically right away. 2,000 for the first then 1,000 for each additional.

I would also work on getting the others ready as well since again you will be able to create multiple of them and replace the creatures you used to create them. This will free up your regular DNA to go towards other classes or rarity types you need.


I don’t see a problem with your bench for finishing in dominator unless you have no lvl 40 legendaries after the T-rex.

The problem might be more in your team selection and battle strategy.

I’ve had no problems at all finishing in dom for quite some time with a much weaker line-up than you posted. I use a lot of lvl 40 legendaries in my teams but the most important thing i find is to have a highish health meat shield 1st in line, after that you can get by with just about anything with a decent attack.

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The problem isn’t the strength of your line up, but the depth and stiff cool down.

My top dino is a Level 40 T-Rex. (I’m 1800 points by Saturday night now.)

I just have so many dinos AND the weaker dinos that I have can battle 3 times a day (all of them).

My back bone is 8x Level 20 Ankylodocuses (7 hour cool down vs 11:40) and battle a lot.

You don’t need to add more to your line up of the same strength, but likely mix in a few weaker targeted type dinos that will fit in. (Either all meat or all attack.)

You also have a lot of 12hour dinos, which can be hard to keep battling twice a day. Maybe target some 10hour dinos for flexibility?

Edit: Rajastega can be won in PvP modded. Maybe grind that to win a pair? (It’ll take a lot of coins, but just above level 10 VIPs will get the top level prize, which excludes coins.) Saves on DNA for other choices.

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Thank you all for the answers!
I’ve just searched the different cool down times for dinos on the forum and that definately could be a solution. I haven’t unlocked some of the rare hybrids because I simply jumped into creating the super rare ones, so rare hybrids with shorter cool down could help me a lot.
I haven’t created the super hybrids for this exact reason. I don’t want to limit my best meat shields with the long cool down. But I will give monostego a thought. Thank you Sionsith, I have to confess I had no idea how sdna worked, since I haven’t used any yet. Didn’t know you only had to spend sdna on the additional ones and no dna. :sweat_smile:

@Timmah I think my legendary line up is fine I have multiple ones from most, I do use them in dominator, although I’m shifting towards hybrids, since legendaries were not enough for me in the recent bracketed tournament. What I’m missing apparantly are meat shields to take the first hit in dominator. I used to start my battles with amphibians but I had to stop because pterodaustros would one hit ko them in dom.
I’m not so lucky with the modded pvps, as 90% of the time it lands on the 40 LP reward, but I do win some good stuff every now and then, I won a 3 spinoraptors and 1 rajastega as far as I can recall.

Yeah, and that is ok.

I lead off with Level 20 Ankylodocuses which have 1581 health. Maybe 20% of the time, the battle is DOA because of a one shot kill on the first dino. The other 30%, my team just couldn’t do it. I win about 50% of the time.

You don’t have to build a team that wins EVERY time, but that can play enough matches in 3 days and 4 hours to win enough times to land in Dominator.

Remember 2x Level 20 Ankylodocuses have a 7hour cool down. They can play 10 times each in 3 days and 4 hours. For a total of 20 times (2x10).

If you Evolve to 1x Level 30 Ankylodocuses with a 11:40 cool down, it can play 7 times.

Would you rather have 20 tries that win 50% of the time or 7 tries that win 90% of the time?

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Meat shields for the first dino position don’t necessarily need to be crazy high health either. I usually start with Level 40 of Kaprosuchus, Suchomimus or Unaysaurus for the first position. Rarely do I find that they can be killed with 1 hit.

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