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How to nerf Ardentismaxima without really nerfing it

Step 1) Make DoT also affected by the 1.5x multiplier from Vulnerability.

Step 2) Make sure Ardentismaxima is not resistant to Vulnerability or swap-prevention.

Step 3) Increase Grypolyth’s speed to above 108

Step 4) Buff the following bleeders like so (it isn’t fair that Thylacotator is the only one that has its place in the meta):

• Fierce Strike
Exploit Lethal Wound
•Minor Swoop
•Critical Impact

•No Escape
•Immunity to Decel
•Immunity to Swap-prevention

Now, Maxima would have 0% resistance to Vulnerability, and Maxima would also have 0% resistance to Swap-prevention.

Exploit Lethal Wound : Inflict Vulnerability for 3 turns. Deal 1x damage. DoT 0.34x target’s max HP per turn, lasting 3 turns.

0.34x plus Vulnerability actually becomes 0.51x. This means Maxima goes down in 2 turns, and it can’t swap. Believe it or not, that Vulnerability actually means Spinotasuchus can take Maxima out with a Critical Impact. If Maxima uses Instant Invincibility, it’ll go down anyway.

•Superiority Strike
•Lethal Swoop (no delay)
•Cleansing Swoop
•Instant Invincibility

•Swap-in Vulnerable Invincibility (inflict Vulnerability for 2 turns)
•No Escape

100% Resistance to Swap-prevention
100% Resistance to DoT

Again, Maxima must not be resistant to Vulnerability or Swap-prevention.

If it swaps into a Greater Thagomizer, it’ll inflict Vulnerability. Then Lethal Swoop would take out Maxima, leaving Stigydaryx open to be revenge-killed. Cleansing Swoop would deal 0.375 damage per turn with Vulnerability.

•Pinning Strike
•Distracting Impact
•Nullifying Impact
Distracting Swoop (Swoop+50% Distraction for 1 turn)

Swap-in Exploit Wound (Vulnerability for 2 turns)

•Resistances (I’m not typing them all out)

Again, relies on Maxima not being Resistant to Vulnerability.

If Pterovexus swaps in, it’ll deal 0.375 Maxima’s HP on turn 1. If it uses Nullifying Impact on turn 2, Maxima will go down at the end of turn 2, ending in a draw if Maxima can deal enough damage.

Spinoconstrictor (3900 HP)
•Precise Rampage
•Exploit Wound

•Wounding Counter
•On Escape Evasive Strike

•100% Deceleration Resistance
•100% Distraction Resistance
•100% Swap-prevention Resistance

Again, this relies on Maxima having no resistance to Vulnerability

So, Exploit Wound inflicts Vulnerability for 2 turns, and 0.2x DoT for 3 (if I remember right, lol).

In this scenario, 0.2x becomes 0.3x, and 0.34x from Wounding Counter becomes 0.51x thanks to Vulnerability.

So Spinoconstrictor will deal 0.81x Maxima’s HP on the first turn. If Precise Rampage doesn’t finish it off, the DoT will.

Step 5) Distribute Resistance to Vulnerability and DoT a bit more carefully. Chompers can generally get rid of Vulnerability, which is fine, and Cunning creatures can get rid of DoT, which is also fine. As long as the tanks are this relevant, the bleeders will be back in the game.


What about removing decel immunity? It would allow other speed control dinos (like Tryko) outspeed her even after GT


I think the other Decel dinos are already relevant enough in the meta that they don’t need to beat Maxima. Giving that job to the bleeders would make the meta more diverse.

The more bleeders there are, the less resilient creatures will be used, the more cunning creatures will be used to counter the bleeders. Quetzorion, for example, is Immune to DoT. If creatures like Erlikospyx were too, they’d probably become relevant.


Yesterday I put Vexus back into my team and he’s already really helpful against Maxima. Could do that better though, maybe just give him Cleansing Swoop

I really like these ideas!!! Some of these moves design are so good!

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I really like these ideas. Very clever to nerf using counterplay, because it brings more dinos into the meta. I still think a slight nerf to it’s attack wouldn’t hurt, but these are great ideas overall.

Yes, please do. I would love If those creatures were like that, they would actually be relevant for once!

I’ve already suggested giving Grypo more speed, but most people were against it. I can’t understand why, when she doesn’t have ID or II to help out. She really does need a bit more speed though.


On another note, i think spyx should join this list and go back to being a bleeder. It could have minimal speed up strike, lethal wound, debilitating distraction and precise pounce in addition to a 100% decel resistance. Perhaps some stat adjustments would be necessary, but the current spys is so meh, i don’t feel like using It at all. It ruined the cool niche It could have as a bleeder.


Hey @Qaw, may i suggest you make a poll for those changes? Would be nice too see how many would be down for that.

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I think It has to do with the match up with faster instant distraction and instant invincibility users. It could use immobilize at the same turn and get an extra attack off, but honestly, with all the changes that happened, the extra speed would be way more useful than being slower now.

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