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How to notice inactive guildmembers?

I decided to create a guild and I found that many people joins but then there is no activity. Most of people are newcomers that is welcome but those seem to leave the game after few days. How can I see last login of my members?

Good question here. I’d love to make room for actual players.

@Smazork it takes work keeping track as guild leader. I would track gifting activity, pvp trophies, and raid/rally rooms. I used to also take monthly screen shots of player profiles and compare for changes. After season reset you can tell if a player hasn’t logged into the game yet or done pvp yet since the reset. Some people track all of this in spreadsheets. For a newer guild it’s easy. You’ll get a lot of dead or inactive accounts. Just keep culling the bottom and admitting new players until you get a good crew. Lots try the game and quit quickly. So the bottom (in terms of activity) will be dead accounts in the beginning anyway.


Thank you @CPXZ will try those options, but I think a “last login” feature on guild info would be appreciated and not hard to add…

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My system is pretty simple (because I’m lazy). Gulidies are required to either make donations or participate in guild events (but encouraged to do both). So once a week when the weekly event ends, I compare the list of people who didn’t participate in the event with the list of those who show zero donations. If someone is on both lists, they get kicked.

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After a week of a new season I kick anyone who is still at 0 battle score.

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