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How to now if players in alliance are active?

Is there a way to now if players are active in alliance?
With the new alliance challenges coming in the update soon
I left a message on my alliance requesting aswer for active players
Who doesn’t respond will assume that is inactive and will not be removed
Is this harsh?

Keep track of DNA requests. That will tell you who is actiive and who is not.

Keep asking Ludia for guild tools also, they are bound to throw us a bone eventually

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I kinda go by players that are still at 0 weeks after a tourney starts, but that’s not 100% accurate because some just don’t battle at all. Making everyone check in works, but the request to have everyone do so has to be done daily or it gets lost and disappears. Hoping we have better tools going forward. Another thing I have done was to call them out, so and so please check in and if nothing happens in 3 days I replace them. It is harsh making room for active players but it’s a necessary evil I guess.

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I screenshot alliance rank trophy count, then see who hasn’t moved in a few weeks.
I post who isn’t active, ask if anyone has seen them on, or post up if you’re still active.

If not active for a few weeks, I replace with active players.

Not harsh, keeps the alliance from dying.

Sadly, my alliance leader hasn’t been heard from in a month… I don’t know how that will affect us. I wish we could send DM’s via alliance chat.

Doesnt really effect it at all. Only thing ur missing out on is kicking people. Only thing the leader can do that members cant

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As long as ur members stay active, an abandoned leader is fine.