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How to obtain Plotosaurus and other VIP Creatures without paying

Not everyone likes Microtransactions, at least I don’t. Is there a way to obtain for example Plotosaurus without paying? Someone said it’s through Price Drop, but could someone tell me a method by steps?

Prize drop, but you have to buy all non real money tickets for coins, food and DNA. AND about 3000-4000DB worth of tickets, than you’ll get a chance to buy out the diamond prize Monday morning for a few 1000 DB more. You’ll get one random VIP. Not all are present.


Sounds promising, I should trade on the boat and farm these Resources and Bucks. Or not?

Yeah I would if I were you, if your getting to a point in the game where yours bucks are not needed for cooldowns then save them up to hit diamond a couple times a month, I think you’re then able to have a chance at some exclusives like plotosaur, rhomaleo, metoposaur and pteradaustro.

Check with the price of some of the tickets, I know that there is one column worth doing when its bucks as its 100 each, but the 500 db ticket column might not be cost effective compared to buying out diamond at the end of the week.


I can’t remember exactly off the top of my head but it’s like 8k worth of DNA for all the DNA tickets, maybe more it’s been awhile since i’ve done it. 8k sounds way too low in my head right now though IDK? If you are not buying the DB tickets it costs around 5k DB for the diamond prize at the end of the week.

I’m not sure sure if you can unlock the gold pack if you buy the DB tickets i’ve never tried. After i save up for a bit I’ll probably give it another go. If you can unlock the gold pack and the diamond pack only costs about 1k to buy out it might be worth it to go that route.


This doesn’t get you a copy of Plotosaurus unless one exists inside a purchasable pack.

The easiest way is thru being a VIP, which is a subscription service and not microtransactions, and either dumping LP on the 35k VIP+ packs or a 50k Ploto pack when one comes around.

Aside from that, the only other option is thru the lottery/raffle. You basically have to buy every non-VIP raffle for a week straight, which is very very costly. Even if you manage to get to the diamond prize wheel, there is only a slim chance that you’ll get a Ploto, thus it might take several weeks or even months before you get a copy, which is very draining of resources.

One thing to note here is the weekly reset comes an hour after (or two I forgot the exact time) the daily raffle reset, meaning you could technically get an 8th day out of the raffle, and thus might be able to spend less dbux overall to land a diamond prize wheel spin.

1 day’s worth of the 500 dbux raffle purchases equate to 4000 dbux if you do the 10x deal (5000 if you buy each ticket separately). I believe you can buy up to 20 tickets for that column, and thus just 1 day’s worth of tickets could run you at a minimum 8k dbux.

These are pretty much your only available options atm.

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The other idea is to wait until a vip tournament comes up for ploto and use your 1 week vip free trial. Assuming you didn’t already use it.


how do you do the 10x deal? not sure i’ve seen that but can’t say i pay much attention to the prize drop. Is it a VIP only thing?

As far as free trial week of VIP i feel like that stop showing up after a while. I haven’t seen an offer on any of our accounts in a long itme. But 2 accounts are lvl 99 and if you only get them when you level up that would make sense. I have not see an offer on D2’s account while leveling up but her account is getting up there as well so levels come more slowly especially because i’m not playing much.

It’s the little plus icon in the top right corner of the 2nd and 3rd column, you click that to get a discounted price for buying 10 tickets at once, its available to both vips and non vips.


For visual reference.

As for the free VIP trial, no clue. It should always be there up until you use it.


Thanks, never paid much attention to it, don’t do much with the prize drop ever.

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