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How to outspeed a same dinosaur of the same level?

I know the first one to attack is the first one to choose action. But here’s the thing. I was fighting a level 16 velociraptor and she killed my stegoceratops. I had a level 16 velociraptor myself so I had the advantage of knowing I needed to hurry in choosing attack. I kept the finger right on top of where Pounce appears and I kept touching it fast but the opponent outspeeded me and killed my raptor. I still won but that was annoying. And this isn’t the first time this happens. Opponents tend to be faster than me even when I’m just pushing the attack before it even appears.

I’m playing on an iPhone SE, admittedly not the best phone on the market as it is a tiny bit old, but it should be more than enough to handle the game. So I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, if I should try it differently, or if my phone is just not good enough and I will never be faster :confused:

if you both have the same dinosaur and level is the same, the person to attack first is random. Couldve gone either side

No, its not random, its the person who chooses attack first

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where did you find that information?

To be honest, I don’t remember. Maybe the game itself told me in one of those advices it gives before battle? Maybe I read it here somewhere? But I have checked and it’s true. In lower arenas, when I knew it but most people didn’t, I’d choose my attack fast and I’d always go first, and whenever I got distracted and took a bit too long to choose, I was last.

It’s mentioned in the release notes: [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Worldwide Release (under the misc section)

Speed Ties are resolved as follows: Unmodified highest speed breaks ties (i.e. excluding buff/debuffs); If same, highest level breaks tie; If same, highest rarity breaks tie; If same, tiebreaker is determined by the first player to input action.

Keep in mind that when your dino dies and you have to choose a new one, the opponent may already have chosen the move he’s going to do while you’re picking a dino. And for a Velociraptor that will frequently be the case because it usually just alternates between pounce and strike…


Not really, because when your opponent’s dinosaur dies, you can’t choose your next move until the opponent brings out their new dinosaur

In terms of tie breakers against the same dino, it really is about being the first to choose the action. I’ve had this happen numerous times, and I’m right there, finger hovering over the spot where the action I want appears, and the second it appears I click. Somehow I’m faster in this case. It could be the phone is an issue as older phones have issues running games like this. I used to have a Kyocera Vibe and that couldn’t run this game’s park building cousin. It wasn’t till I got my Samsung Galaxy S8 that all my games began running better.

This is what I’ve been thinking, that maybe it’s a phone issue… But come on! It’s an iPhone SE, similar to an iPhone 6s… Sure, there are 2 new models of iPhone after that, but it still should be powerful enough for this app. Or so I thought :cry:

Haha, I know that pain! It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a Droid or iPhone, if it’s an older model in general, they tend to have a lot of issues running games like this that require probably higher RAM and/or just don’t have the capabilities to run them. JWA does have a lot going into it despite having a smaller byte size compared to PoGO, so that could be part of the problem too.

That happened to me too… When you are battling let’s say a raptor at your level… the timer is different for everyone else… if you have a slower internet, by the time your opponent attacked, you would be at 10 in the timer. Your screen isnt the same as your opponent…

Not only does it happen to whoever hits the attack first also much at that lvl depends on your buffs .if you have more speed buff ( not show in battle) you will normally beat out with being first to attack…also rather hit the major attack on center anything with a yellow icon on the attack will also normally get priority if you don’t have buffs yet .