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How to Pick for PvE


Could use some help from you experienced players, I have some ideas on how I might approach this but would really love to hear what you would do. I’ve not lost a PvE in awhile, but this one is a really bad lineup for the dinos I have available. I know now that I shouldn’t have leveled up the masto that much but now I’m stuck with him, and I’ve been lucky so far to not have a really powerful ptero to go up against, but was just a matter of time before it threw one at me. Now I have to figure out how to get past him to get further in the tournament, I can probably afford to level up the T-Rex to 30 at least, the ptero I could do as well, but would cost me a LOT more to do that one so would really love to avoid that if possible. The pacy is the best I’m going to have for herbs I think.


You need to get more depth not level up your Dino’s


If I was doing this battle this is what I would do,
Slot one: throw away creature lowest you have and it doesn’t matter as long as the bird can kill it in 1 shot
Slot two: your pachy
Slot three: your Masto

First round reserve one, bird kills your creature with two hits.
Second round three attack which will kill their bird. The Ichthy will then kill your Pachy.
Third round 2 attack 1 reserve which will kill their Ichthy. And now their Dime will be up against your Masto with nothing they can do, even if they block with all three you will have five points and two kills them.


Thanks, that worked perfectly! I didn’t realize the pachy would be able to take him out that quickly even with the advantage, but I figured he was the one I needed to use. It was very close, but he had just enough points. I did find an online calculator to help figure this out next time, it’s going to take me awhile to where I’d be able to figure that out myself just from the stats.

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@Mary_Jo, @Freshprince is right about needing a bigger bench, might want to work on getting three of something at the same level before leveling it if you can. For instance before you level your T-Rex get two more at level 20, and a few friends of the same caliber in different classes.

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Got it… I assumed that was what he meant, and basically what I’ve been doing lately, trying to make sure I didn’t create anything that would bypass the ones I already have and just build laterally. I’m just a bit OCD about finishing tasks put before me so hard to ignore these missions that want you to keep doing the next battle level.


The game will push you, just find what pace works for you. As long as you are having fun playing the game, that’s the only thing that’s important.

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The waiting definitely frustrated the heck out of me early on, and almost quit, but glad I stuck with it as I’m really enjoying it now that I’ve been able to get far enough along to collect plenty of resources and dinosaurs, and doing way better on the battle strategy. I haven’t really played a good, complex game in a LONG time, but world building games have always been a favorite of mine, I’ve been playing them since the very earliest computer games… back when it was SimCity, Rollercoaster Tycoon, etc. But with those you just purchased the game and then could play it to your heart’s content (which got me in trouble more than once staying up all night playing them!) so I’m just having to get used to the way these kinds of games work now in terms of the built-in wait times and incentive to spend money to speed things up. In some other games I’ve tried, the further you get, the more difficult it is to accomplish anything without putting considerable money into it, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find the opposite seems to be the case here, for the most part, particularly given some of the tips I’ve gotten on how to manage your incubators, things to not spend money on, etc.

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Well dang it, I got past the second round of What Lies Beneath with another monster bird in there, and now it’s tossed TWO of them in my final round. All 3 are stats similar to my masto. Now I’m really screwed.

Update: Took me two tries, but managed to figure it out, yes! I just had to put the right ones in to keep the AI swapping so he couldn’t get ahead of me in the points. Nice reward at the end for someone at my level.