How to play if you’re disabled


I’m disabled and can’t leave the house with my iPad. Most ALL of the dinosaurs are Just outside the circle, to be able to send the drone. Any suggestions?


Getting VIP allows you to expand your catching area however it is $9.99/month. You could also try to request to Ludia to put a supply drop where you live, though I’m not 100% sure supply drops help with spawn rates.


I would literally have to have the drop in my living room :sweat_smile: - I cannot leave the house


Why would you download a game knowing that it’s intended to be for walking?


I just love dinosaurs and dragons - my son plays the Pokémon one and I thought I could play this one


I do empathize… I don’t know your history or what you’re going through but I know it must be rough. That being said, A game that requires A LOT of ambulating may not be the best option. I’m sorry, I wish I had a better solution. For Ludia, I don’t think it would be feasible to avoid people taking advantage of a “handicap-mode.” There are some pretty messed up people out there that would do something like that just to cheat their way ahead even without any ailments… and I doubt they have the time or the manpower to look over doctors notes. Luckily though, there are sooo many adventure games in both app stores that I’m sure would be a great alternatives… and there are even more popping up by the day. Best of luck and keep your chin up!


I have 2 drops at my house. Which is crazy. Woke this morning collected the treasure chest without moving. And I play the game to encourage me to walk.

I think every player should get a supply drop on starting the game at their location. Because some of us like me have a really unfair advantage.


If you’re looking to spend quality time with your son, I’d recommend card games/board games or starting a new hobby together … we’re all too connected to our devices anyway (and as much as I enjoy this game, it has not made cell-phone addiction any better). I may have grown up in a different era (I’m “only” 30 now) but my favorite family times as a kid did not involve any electronics… Hopefully this is not a thing of the past


I wasn’t trying to get anyone riled - I am over the proverbial hill and picking up speed (especially if someone lets go of my wheelchair on a hill) -
my son has a form of autism and sharing what we have each collected, is one of the things that we can do, without worrying about a meltdown.
I’m not trying to cheat, I was just hoping that maybe I Could have a dinosaur in my circle, more than once a day


Contact ludia at

And you never know perhaps there is a way to increase the spawns in your area!

It never hurts to ask


Thank you :blush:
I have actually tried, but it just seems to kick me around to different areas. I think I need one of my kids to help me. My son is due to come next week :blush:

#12 that is the email


Boy, do I ask - a LOT of questions :sweat_smile:
My kids are Very kind to me (I’m sure I make them crazy sometimes)


Just compose an email explaining your situation!

Only send one because sending multiple emails usually gets you bumped to the bottom

Have patience because they are always swamped

Good luck and have fun playing the best you can!


Thank you so much! Your link worked :blush::two_hearts:
I just sent it off. Even if nothing Can be done - I’m grateful to have been able to ask.
I just want to be able to have something that my son and I can enjoy together and at this point, it’s dinos for me and Pokémon for him :blush:
He cracked up when I told him ‘you can’t slam me for my low levels, at least mine are REAL!’ :joy:


My pleasure to help!


Just sort of a follow up - I play a lot in the Battle part, and I have got to level 2 - I also made a small purchase ($1.99) - it has made a HUGE difference in what I had to play with :blush::two_hearts:
I am aware that I will never have the Monster dinosaurs (like if I was able to get to a park or something) but I AM enjoying it more :blush::two_hearts:


Do you have anyone who could take your phone and get supply drops for you?


Are you STUCK at home or just disabled? Sounds like you play on a wifi device rather than a mobile device… So the solution is relatively simple. DL the game on your phone and you and your son can move about… Or go places with free wifi, buy a coffee and sweep the area


While I’m not disabled ( at least not yet, my gp has warned me that I could be crippled in the future should the arthritis get worse ) I don’t currently have a mobile device and play on WiFi. So mostly when I’m vacationing.

Most of my epics I’ve gotten from battle incubators and 1 time offer things. I purchase gift cards every so often as a reward. Like I’m putting in extra hours at work this week and purchased a $25 card.

Life uh… finds a way.