How to play “Sanctuary”?

Anyone know exactly what’s this sanctuary is for?
There isn’t any diff playing/feeding the highest or lowest lvl sanctuary, the DNA taken are the same.
So anyone can tell exactly what to play with this sanctuary thing…

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Imo sanc works best with a group of like minded alliance members who wants the same dna, this needs some prior discussion to decide wat are the dnas needed. So for e.g a few members want kentro, so they will put in kentro continously after it is returned. And you just keep feeding/interacting/playing with those kentros in the sanc to collect the dna. At least tats how I imagine the play will happen. :slight_smile:

Yes, we knew that, but isn’t the sanctuary suppose to do more than just that?
So what’s the point of levelling up sanctuary when u get same count of DNA?

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Perhaps we may need to revisit 1.8 release notes again to see if any answers can be found.

It’s not the same. You are very likely playing with Epic dinos. A rare Purrusaurus gives 10 DNA for feed and play initially but will start to give 11 If the sanctuary is level 5 or higher.

I believe commons give 1 more DNA for every single sanctuary level. My alliance does have people feeding velicoraptors, dracorex gen 2 and scolosaurus.

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I don’t understand why isn’t there is detail of how this sanctuary works so players are able to work together within their team.
How ludia is expecting players to figure out themselves how to do when there r so many dinos at diff lvl, diff category.
Not even one member in my team can tell what to do with the sanctuary except having the same together for “convenient” sake.

This thread is very informative. And if you scroll to almost the end of the comments there’s an update after a couple weeks of sanctuary use.

The DNA gain for epics goes up very slowly, but if you look at the big picture it does add up.

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Yes indeed is quite informative…thanks a lot.

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Still waiting for the vehicle we were promised to arrive.

We were shown a vehicle for 1.8

Highly disappointed with the sanctuaries.

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There was no excitement at all with this sanctuary launched, after knowing what u can do was just to put dinos in and earn DNA, nothing else.
It can be so much more fun if players can go find “active” sanctuaries belonging to others and attack their dinos to earn DNA.
And they can only be “revived” using some items or they lose DNA with returning dino.

The gyro sphere shown in the 1.8 teaser is in the sanctuary. I can’t remember which Dino I played with but the gyrosphere rolled into view, and the Dino kicked it back out. It’s just a toy for the Dino’s, not a vehicle for players.

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i have a magna themed sanctuary that we keep filled with irri, dime and pyro. the dna goes up by one like every 5 levels or so. i forget. i always make sure that i fip(feed, interact, play) with the dino i need only once every 3 hours because you get the most dna that way. it resets every 3 hours. so its good to have 3 or more of the same dino in one high sanc. you can fip 3 or 4 dinos every 3 hours for the most dna.


Is there a difference by “fip” every 3hrs?
I usually just do it when my 3 “items” are required for daily mission or need to reduce the numbers…
By selecting the same dino i want but belonging to different players, the give the same DNA…never needed to do it “every 3hrs”.

just dont fip the same exact one. like if the sanc has 4 irri. fip the first one, move to the next, fip it etc… then revisit it in 3 hours minimum and do the same. you dont have to do it every 3 hours but just know that its the minimum wait time.

to me its more organized to have 4 same dinos in one sanc and not have to search other, possibly lower sancs for less dna.

for instance. just now i fip 4 irri for a total of 116 dna.


I know must pick a second “same” dino and so on, but why 3hrs?
I feed 6 together same time and all give same DNA.
What i do is always keep 6/12 for play n toys and 2/8 for interaction as i know i collect 6 each a day.
Why u must fip every 3hrs?

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because youll notice that if you fip the same dino again, the dna is much less. it resets to highest value every 3 hours.

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a tryko themed that we have.

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