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How to Play TenRex?

I’m having trouble making my TenRex work for me. It doesn’t work as a starter, nor a closer. The only time it’s ever been helpful is when I need to pick off a nasty indo or fall onto it. Am I doing something wrong? Idk how to play it.

Here’s my team for reference, spinoconstrictor is non-negotiable

I dont think the picture loaded.

Should be fixed now

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Honestly, Tenrex usually works as a good finisher/setup for me. What are you usually seeing?

The aviary norm, tho proly see a few more Gem’s

Tenrex can be used as an opener. just need to be aware that if it doesn’t have a favorable match up you have something to switch into. depending on what you’re facing will determine the first move choice. Against tryko, it’s better to go SS into Rampage so you retain the speed advantage. (also go ss against cunning if you can gain the speed advantage)
can also use it for a nice chunk of damage before swapping into something else. come back later to finish and/ or heal.
she’s not my most favorite starter, but she works in a pinch and get something set up if she can’t win.

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I just dropped my Dilorach for Gem and wasn’t sure if I should’ve kept it. It’s def worst on my team rn

Gemini is good. I literally owned a dilorach with a level 20 carbo before. Gemini is hard to level unlike the thors and indos you’ll find in aviary and occasionally library, so if it doesn’t seem to compete that’s why.