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How to play your mobile games in Landscape mode!


Seems to be some ignorance about playing this game in landscape mode. I thought I would make a really quick and very basic tutorial on how to do this yourself.

This has nothing to do with cheating, hacking or location spoofing and as far as I know, Ludia is just fine with playing/filming in landscape mode.

[News] Jurassic World Alive | Updated Statement on Cheater Protocol

Thank you I was just looking on how to do this :+1:

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What about darting? Can you do that in landscape and is it easier?

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No sir, darting is actually harder in landscape, at least it is for me. It totaly works though. Landscape is more for battles and filming game footage. Gameplay videos look a lot better imo.


i forgot darting existed


i cant get it to work on my samsung galaxy 8 plus. why do you move the apps up?

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nvm i got it to rotate. just had to press the rotate button on the tool bar for the app. pretty cool. i could dart fine.


Does it increase the viewing range?


Does it work on Android?


It works on android. Pvp looks rad but darting was difficult.


I think it looks absolutely god awful. The aspect ratio is horrendous lol


Finally it is working on my phone​:sweat_smile: Lovely to see my dinos in full scale. Also the point of view in arenas is pretty nice :+1:t2: