How to Progress Going Forward?

Hey all! I just got my first Indominus Rex, and was wondering what I should start doing from there. I just recently learned that event difficulty is based on your top 3 creatures, and lately I’ve been noticing a bit of that. Before boosting my Indominus more, I wanted to see what I could do to balance my lineup first.

For starters, this is where I’m currently at with my roster:

I have quite a few legendaries, tournament, and VIP dinos in my market which I’m slowly working on hatching. Right now, the hybrids I’m working on getting and evolving are Ankylodocus, Unayrhynchus, Stegoceratops, Suprannotitan, and Koolasaurus. As for super-hybrids, I’m working on Diplosuchus and Tapejalocephalus, and when I’m done with one of those I plan to work on Monostegotops.

From looking around a bit and seeing what others say, I think I have a pretty solid plan going forward. Of course, there’s always room for improvement, so what would you all say I could change or do better going forward?

A slight update on things:

I started hatching my VIP dinos upon finding out that they were fast 6 hour hatch times, and now have a level 20 Prestosuchus. I’m currently evolving for a level 20 Eudimorphodon, and I also have a level 10 Baryonyx (hoping for more from the VIP tourney) and Concavenator. Suprannotitan is also on the way and I almost have my level 40 Unaysaurus for Unayrhynchus.

On another note, seeing that this week’s tournament is an aquatic tournament has made me want to work towards a solid team for them. Thing is, I’ve no idea where to go with it other than trying for level 20 VIPs from what I’ve seen on older posts here. So, if it’s not too much, advice on my aquatic lineup would be very much appreciated as well!

You need to improve your aquatic lineup starting with super rare hybrids (pic below) that are easy to create. These at level 20 alongside with VIP’s at level 10-12 will help you reach dominator league in tournaments

Later on, after you make an army of those, you can go further with these below. Patience is the key for this game :eyes:


Will do, thanks! I’m pushing for Xinathodon right now, so hopefully that and my VIPs can allow me to snag a spot in Dominator last minute. I hope balancing an aquatic lineup ends up being easier than trying to balance a jurassic one, cause I’m already noticing a difficulty spike in events with all these VIPs.

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