How to pronounce the names

This might sound a bit silly, but I think it would be nice if there was something in game that would give the correct pronunciation of the dinosaur types. I play with my niece & nephew and we never know how to pronounce half the names lol.


A WWE style announcer at the start of each match would to be interesting. Lol


I was thinking of posting the same. For example the Utahraptor:

Do you pronounce it “You-tall-rap-tore” or “You-tah-rap-ter”?

Tanycolagreus -> Tan-ee-cole-ah-gree-us
Suchomimus -> Such-oh-me-mus ??? or Suck-oh-mim-us ???
Einiosaurus -> Een-ee-oh-sore-us
Ouranosaurus -> Oh-ran-oh-sore-us

Ludia should make a list with pronunciations.


Genius idea haha! That would clear things up.

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Well until they do, you could always use the Dino Directory. It has a pronunciation guide for all it’s entries, although I sometimes disagree with them. Diplodocus for example: They pronounce it “DIP-low DOCK-us”, whereas I pronounce it “Dip-low-do-kus”. Still it’s handy to give yourself an idea. One point to make though, They call it the Dino Directory and they mean it. So you won’t be finding anything that isn’t considered a dinosaur (Dimetrodon, Sarcosuchus etc).


No no I got one even better! Not just at the beginning but a blow by blow like in boxing! “ Rolyberts stegoceratops just gave a great stunning blow BUT NO it didn’t hold and Jason’s indominus delivers a deadly blow AND Stegoceratops is DOWN!!!”

Wait I am improving my idea!

There is a virtual referee that comes in at the start and our dinosaurs kind of dance around until the ref drops his hand and shouts FIGHT!!


I give them nicknames! I can’t spell or pronounce. Tany… Is tangy…utahraptor is u-raptor…etc

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I would say YOU-taw-RAP-tur.

Here are my guesses/ how I’ve been saying them:

SUCK-oh-MEE-muss (or SUCH-)

Oh who am I kidding… usually say Tanya, Sucko, EYE-knee-oh, and OOH-rahn. Only Tanya gets mentioned with any regularity.

I ended up here because I was pretty sure I’d figured out how to say Tanya’s proper name, but finding a guide with any authority (voting on several options is not authority) that is not behind a paywall takes more time and effort than I am willing to commit to. So… yeah, I hesitate to add another task to Ludia’s plate, but a pronunciation guide is still something that would be useful.

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Sook-oh-mime-us… Try the link


i challenge you pronounce the flyers like

or some things like phorusrhacos. :scream:

but some voice announcements would be harder to do for ludia, because creature names are translated in game.
maybe that suggestion of mine, to choose if game is phone language or english… in case of english, you have voice announcements.

like mortal kombat:
“trykosaurus versus thoradolosaur”


A voice a la Tekken or Mortal Kombat is probably the best addiction to the game i’ve ever heard😂

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This may help

Suchomimus: Sue-Co-My-Miss
Hatzegopteryx: Hat-Z-Gop-Ter-Icks
Tanycolagreus: Tany-Co-la-gree-ehs
Phorusrhacos: Four-Us-Rack-Ose
Ouranosaurus: Oar-Ran-O-Sawr-Us
Utahraptor: You-Tah-Rap-Tor
Einiosaurus: I-Knee-O-Sawr-Us
Euoplocephalus: You-Ahp-Low-SeF-all-es
Dsungaripterus: Süng-A-Rip-Ter-Us
Quetzalcoatlus: Ket-Zal-Co-Atlas
Arambourgiania: Ah-Rahm-Boar-G-Ah-Knee-Ah

I think that’s all the tough ones, if any one has any others they don’t know feel free to ask me!

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what about jwa exclusive hybrids?
we only assume some pronounces. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

if i type these names in google translator and touch to speak, are pronounced correctly?

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Most are based on Latin and Greek etymology

Some might be right that way I’m sure

Here’s some:

Tragodistis: Trag-O-Diss-Tiss
Trykosaurus: Try-Co-Sawr-Us
Tryostronix: Try-O-Straw-Knicks
Magnapyritor: Mag-Nah-Pier-It-Tor
Diloracheirus: Die-Low-Ray-Ky-Russ
Utarinex: You-Tah-Righ-Necks
Quetzorion: Ket-Zoar-E-On
Touramoloch: Tau-Ram-O-Lock
Sarcorixis: Sär-Co-Rick-Sis

Hope this was helpful!

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Actually Hatzegopteryx is one of the few that seems to be easy (and sound kinda awesome at the same time)… I say HAT zuh GAWP turr icks (or GOP instead of GAWP; should rhyme with BOP or DROP).

On the other end of the spectrum… no, can’t even imagine a guess. It has this zone where there are nowhere near enough vowels, and that’s about where I remember to say “terror bird” and leave it at that. Hatzegopteryx, though? I feel pretty confident I’m saying it correctly (though of course I could be wrong).

There are definitely a few match-ups that would have me laughing way too hard, especially if the voice was like the early versions of Apple txt-to-speech (I’m talking like 20+ years ago) when it was this monotone staccato rhythm, no stress on any particular syllable, just all run together, with mistakes maybe every 10th syllable or so that were close, and understandable at that stage of things, but still hilarious. “TRY CO SOAR ISS VUR SUZ THOR AH DOLE OH SORE FITE”