How to pronounce the names


This might sound a bit silly, but I think it would be nice if there was something in game that would give the correct pronunciation of the dinosaur types. I play with my niece & nephew and we never know how to pronounce half the names lol.


A WWE style announcer at the start of each match would to be interesting. Lol


I was thinking of posting the same. For example the Utahraptor:

Do you pronounce it “You-tall-rap-tore” or “You-tah-rap-ter”?

Tanycolagreus -> Tan-ee-cole-ah-gree-us
Suchomimus -> Such-oh-me-mus ??? or Suck-oh-mim-us ???
Einiosaurus -> Een-ee-oh-sore-us
Ouranosaurus -> Oh-ran-oh-sore-us

Ludia should make a list with pronunciations.


Genius idea haha! That would clear things up.


Well until they do, you could always use the Dino Directory. It has a pronunciation guide for all it’s entries, although I sometimes disagree with them. Diplodocus for example: They pronounce it “DIP-low DOCK-us”, whereas I pronounce it “Dip-low-do-kus”. Still it’s handy to give yourself an idea. One point to make though, They call it the Dino Directory and they mean it. So you won’t be finding anything that isn’t considered a dinosaur (Dimetrodon, Sarcosuchus etc).


No no I got one even better! Not just at the beginning but a blow by blow like in boxing! “ Rolyberts stegoceratops just gave a great stunning blow BUT NO it didn’t hold and Jason’s indominus delivers a deadly blow AND Stegoceratops is DOWN!!!”

Wait I am improving my idea!

There is a virtual referee that comes in at the start and our dinosaurs kind of dance around until the ref drops his hand and shouts FIGHT!!


I give them nicknames! I can’t spell or pronounce. Tany… Is tangy…utahraptor is u-raptor…etc