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็How to protect share sanctuaries from the sanc thief

As for the Sanctuary System Ludia have designed, in order to make a lv20 Sanctuary, many alliance have co-operate to make them together. And I think it is good to help each other while playing the gamllie you loved together.

But some alliance didn’t have policy to help or co-operate with another alliances to make lv20 sanc, their policy was so easy by sending their members to the alliance that making the high level sanctuary and steal by put their dinos in the slot and then return to their former alliance (surely with the high level sanc) or we can say that their policy is try to steal sanc from others.

My suggestion to deal with this sanc thief are: -

  1. Ludia should give an authority to the first builder of the sanctuary so he can banned those thiefs from tthe sanctuary

  2. Player who was banned from the sanc cannot get any benefit (can’t FIP) from the sanc he was banned (and his former alliance can’t get any too)

  3. The slot that contain dinos from banned player also can’t replace new dinos until the countdown reset


Curious that you call the other player a “thief” when you are the ones who are bypassing the design of the game to create L20 sanctuaries.

  • I think that public sanctuaries are public.
  • I think it is an exploit to swap players in and out so you can build up an L20 sanctuary.
  • I think that if you swap players in and out, then you get what you deserve.

Would I be correct to assume your alliance doesn’t share sanctuaries @Mitchell_Hein?


We should absolutely be able to make sanctuaries private, much the same as you can make a raid Public/Private

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Correct, Sir.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a big fan of how Ludia has Sanctuaries set up right now. You can’t prevent inexperienced newbies (or the general public) from adding garbage dinos to a sanctuary. We all have had a high level sanctuary (with for example: the new continental dinos) and had some doofus put a low level common in it.

But, that’s how Ludia has designed the sanctuaries to work. They are public. If people choose to swap in non-alliance players to try to bypass the design, then that may come with consequences. We choose not to do that, and have to satisfy ourselves with our L10 and L11 sanctuaries (and the lower rewards that come with them).

If Ludia made sanctuaries flaggable as Private, then what would prevent your brother from dropping a single dino in the only 4 sanctuaries in your town (or near your home) and preventing you from using any of them?


Sanctuaries are public and should remain that way. If you want to do the L20 sanctuary that’s great but you cannot dictate who gets to use the sanctuary. If bob who lives on the street uses it for his dinos then he gets to do so. Otherwise it’s extremely unfair.


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Ok so there are a couple of people her who aren’t seeing the bigger picture.

Shared sanctuaries are the only realistic way to build level 20’s, and there is nothing anywhere that suggests sharing isn’t the way to do this.

If someone happens upon a level 20 in their back yard and they stick a Dino in it, then yes it’s gonna upset the alliances that set it up, but I doubt that happens very often. It’s not difficult to find a sanctuary that isn’t going to be found by an innocent stranger.

However, to suggest that sanctuaries shouldn’t be made private because someone may put a Dino in all of the available local sanctuaries is sheer pettiness. No one would do that, what would be the point?

So yes, to protect the level 20 sanctuaries it would be nice to have them made private. It’s never far to the next one and if someone makes the one in their back yard private and their neighbour can’t use it, so be it. Have a chat with the neighbour and see if they want to share sanctuaries perhaps?


I don’t think some people here understand or appreciate how much work goes into building level 20 sanctuaries. Ok… but don’t punish those of us who get it because you don’t. This might be an appropriate moment for “stay in your lane.”

Those of us with level 20 sanctuaries have them because earned them. If you think that may be a stretch, my level 20 Anky would like to have a word with you. I absolutely think a sanctuary above level 10 should be able to be made private.

Also, Alliance leaders should be able to remove visibility of sanctuaries from their alliance in case a member decides to start a level 1 on build day.


People do understand and appreciate how much effort goes into making a level 20 sanctuary. I applaud any collection of Alliances who can do so. Thumbs up. But it doesn’t change anything. Sanctuaries are public and do not belong to any Alliance or group of Alliances. No one is being punished for that. It’s just how it is.

Perhaps an option might be… and it has been suggested many times before… that each Alliance gets a virtual sanctuary that exists only within the Alliance page itself.


From this, I’m hearing “because Ludia set it up that way, it should stay that way.” Um…no. Ludia is not some omniscient power that knows all. In fact, I’m not convinced that some of the developers could find their way out of Chinese Fingertraps.

You second suggestion wasn’t terrible, but the how do we share that with other alliances? I think my “above level 10” suggestion was fair, was it not?


Partly. But only because I do not think the sanctuary sharing was intended when sanctuaries were created.

From what I’ve seen, members jump between Alliances and set up creatures. Would that not work here?

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It would make it trickier as some will wait to share it with their own alliance until all of their alts are in the respective alliances and they can knock-out four shares in under two minutes. THEN they hop.

Sure, sanctuaries weren’t originally intended to have co-ops, but it took fewer points to build a sanctuary up then. Ludia moved the goalposts once co-ops began. I don’t want to go back, because I enjoy the camaraderie of the co-ops, but I want Ludia to finish the job. Either allow sanctuaries to be locked, or allow the original owner of the sanctuary to remove rogue placements.

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Take a moment and appreciate that people who have four alts with over-levelled creatures exist.
A positive change to sanctuaries would protect their investment in the game.

Then again, an 11 year-old who lied on the ToS and is buying boosts with mom’s credit card, and who decides to place a Monoloph g2 in a level 20 sanc may be a cow worth milking.


It’s the only way. And it’s not an exploit. Fact.

Strong word for something designed as being public.


I think that may be his point though. He’s trying to find a way to protect the investment that players have made in building sanctuaries up. I would agree that anybody who poaches a level 14+ sanctuary they didn’t do the work for should be regarded as a “thief.” Now if you and I want to debate the merits of sanctuaries remaining public after that level, I’m all ears. What if after level 10, the sanctuary owner can switch it to “private” which pulls that sanctuary from the map? Or the sanctuary owner is allowed to remove a rogue placement?
A strong word was used for a very good reason.

It’s public. If you create a sanctuary you know the risks. If you decide to still go through with it, you’re a really sad case if you complain about it when someone enters without permission.

It’s more like claiming a public playground for a birthday party and shooing others away who want to play as well. The “thief” is just strolling by and seeing something cool, while the birthday host is trying to claim everything (which is designed as public) for himself. So he’s the selfish one, not the thief.

Even though it can be annoying that sanctuaries get hijacked, happened to us as well, it’s part of the game. And I applaud people for finding a level 20 sanctuary and managing to squeeze something in there. Usually the time slots of availability are really short, so this barely ever happens.

It’s a lot of complaining about a feature that is meant to be shared to everyone, and honestly, all the “hard work” you put in a shared sanctuary is a little bit exaggerated. And it’s just a bit of DNA. Just create another one. Or make it a game to push the rogue player out, we managed that once, that was actually kinda fun.

Topics like these are really nothing more than “boohoo I lost 50 dna”. It’s really sad.


I get your point, but maybe the OP and I are both suggesting it shouldn’t be public after that point?
I thought we were both pretty clear on that point.