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็How to protect share sanctuaries from the sanc thief

I makes no sense to keep public simply because it was designed as public.

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That sentence makes no sense.

Let me rephrase: It’s a SANCTUARY. Everyone welcome! It’s in the damn name!


I have to chime in on this point because I see what the sanctuary organizers of my and other co-ops do to actually get to a lvl 20 sanc and it is a LOT of work. Spreadsheets and voting and timing and making sure everyone keeps their share of the sanc. And all that DNA does add up over a period of time. Especially when FIP bundles are now a thing you can purchase in store.

The coordination and time it takes to maintain a lvl 20 sanc is a lot and for some people that’s what keeps them in this game. And alliances truly appreciate that work they do to allow somtimes 500+ people access to one or more lvl 20 sancs.

It think the option to make it private as they do with raids would be a fantastic solution actually. Plus, what is the point of placing in a high level sanc other than trying to actually poach it? I think anyone that sees it in public should still be able to FIP the creatures in it but shouldn’t be allowed to place. Placing does nothing for the person that is placin the creature. Fipping benefits everyone though.


I was just demonstrating that I can make silly blanket statements as well. I’ve seen some decent suggestions here. To suggest that Ludia should just abide by the status quo is lunacy. We shouldn’t knock-down improvement suggestions simply because it’s not “how things are.” Give me counter-arguments, give me a good reason to not allow sanc owners to remove rogues. Maybe it’s that Ludia would screw it up? I can get behind that.

It’s the concept of what a sanctuary is supposed to be. A shared place for everyone who walks by. Just because you decide to max it out and claim it for yourself doesn’t mean it should lose that status.



You’re right, for a couple of people it is actually quite some work, and we do have a VERY devoted alliance leader with a dubious sleeping pattern who is making sure that all the placements go where they are supposed to go.
I knew someone was going to mention that :wink:

It generally takes less than 2 days to get a sanctuary maxxed, the loss of dna isn’t that huge. It requires some extra operational time to make a new one but it’s not a huge loss.

Why can’t it just be part of the game, that you can lose it? It’s just not yours to begin with anyway. Like I said in my public playground example.


Seriously now. You can facepalm all you want but if you ask Ludia why sanctuaries are public they will tell you the same thing.

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You gave me no cohesive counter-argument. Hence the face-palm. So tell me again. “Why should there not be an option to privatize a sanctuary after level 10?” No, the “it was designed as public” is not a counter-argument. It’s like saying “the roads were designed for a horse and buggy going 15 mph, paving them is a waste of money.”

That makes less sense than anything else. I gave you more than enough answers and it’s actually pretty simple: a sanctuary is a safe haven for everyone. If you fill it up and claim it as your own, it’s no longer a sanctuary. It’s a compound.


Have you asked Ludia? Did they tell you this? Maybe you should keep your opinions as just that, YOUR opinion.
Would it be so terrible if Ludia made sanctuaries the same as raids where you can choose between Public/Private AND that the owner can kick someone’s ass out of it like in a raid?

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:man_shrugging: Then let’s add “compounds” to the game if the semantics are your biggest hold-up.

Because if someone enters your raid without permission (which never happens anyway), you’ll just exit and go to another one. Might as well make a button for it. You cannot compare the two.

And no, I have not asked Ludia, but I’m fairly good at understanding game design and why they made it like this. Just in case they will answer the question, the likelihood of giving you that answer is significant.

I guess my point is from the perspective of the person walking by that happens to find it. What is the benefit of them placing a creature? It’s actually better for them to FIP and just move on. I understand the idea of public sancs, but I also know that building and having level 20 sancs is a huge accomplishment and it’s amazing that people have figured out how to work together to do that. I think allowing them to protect that sanctuary would be a great QOL improvement that I believe a majority of the playerbase would appreciate and benefit from.


Most people won’t interfere with a level 20 sanctuary I guess, and it’s not very “nice” of a person if they do. But I don’t think there should be anything wrong with it.

In some cases, the placement is a one time thing and 2 days later the dino is gone. It takes a lot of effort to actually steal a level 20 sanctuary. How often did that happen to the people here? We had that once. We learned from it, and it’s no big deal. At all.

No need to change the nature of the word sanctuary because of it.

It doesn’t happen often but it DOES happen.

Unless you are working for the actual game designer you have no idea what they are thinking about any particular design element of the game. Maybe this is just another Ludia screw up or omission

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We had someone place in our lvl 20 sanc that they found and then their alliance tried to take it over. Like they tried to beat our placements to keep it for themselves and we ended up having to use a completely different sanc after that. There are people that literally are just out there to poach lvl 20 sancs when they find them so their alliance can benefit without the work. It can actually be a big deal nd makes even more work for the co-op managing the sanc.


And then you don’t press the fight button and find another one. I don’t even know why this public/private function is there.
How often does this happen? Once in 3 million times? Come on, be realistic. Have you ever encountered an active raid boss on the map? I haven’t. But I have seen hundreds of active sanctuaries. You cannot compare the two.

No, we kick them out. That is an option in raids but unfortunately not in the sanctuary system