How to recognise bot?


Like in the title, lot of people is saying that they keep fighting bots all the time, but how do you actually know that you are fighting against bot not real player?


A lot of high level commons, including dinos most people wouldn’t bother leveling, like ones that can’t be fused. Usually they are all the same level. After the fight: their names contain blood, mouth, bouncer, COM. There a few more typical names I’m not recalling atm.


Here’s how I recognize:

1.Dino level average over 25, sometimes got all lv30. But only use common ~ epic creatures.

2.Weird move choice. For example, repeat using normal attack, even though they can use special moves.

3.Use some creatures that real players won’t raise. Because they are too weak, so rarely to got DNA, or just material for advance hybrids.
ex; Suchomimus,Diplocaulus ,Suchotator, Sinoceratops, Spinosaurus Gen2, Kentrosaurus, Spinotahraptor, Ankylosaurus, Postimetrodom, Concavenator, Rajasaurus, Baryonyx.

4.Extremely high critical & stunning chance.
(Don’t know if this one is real)

5.You can record their ID, and go search on top 100 list. Their names aren’t in leaderboard.


All of these are absolutely accurate like this one. You can also see lower bots as well all level 22 and up. Most players have different levels of Dinos not all 22, all 25, all 29, all 30

, here’s another one


Hey! We at Metahub published this a little while back. It’ll answer all your questions regarding bots :wink: plus give you a few tips on how to avoid them!