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How to redeem the 300 DB from Newsletter! (tutorial)

ATTENTION: these operations must be done with the device in which Jurassic World The Game is installed!
It does not have to be run on a PC!
Otherwise you may not receive the 300 DB!

First of all, for those who do not know how to get to the JWTG Newsletter just type on this Google: “Jurassic World The Game Newsletter”.
Or use the link I put here:

You will have to enter your details!
ATTENTION: your email is essential and must be the one you usually use.

The splash screen you should see is this:

After you have entered your details, a warning will appear:

You have to go to the mail and use the account with which you registered and click the email that came to you:

Confirm it’s you and it will open to you in a new tab:

If you have reached this point it means that you are ready to collect the 300 DB!
To redeem them you have to go back to the Mail and click on the new email that has arrived:

Hope this tutorial has served you!
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write!
If you have a problem send a screenshot so I can help you better!
See you next time!

@Altithorax_Perotorum This will help you.


If you found it useful, write it down! :money_mouth_face:

This is interesting!

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Thanks for posting this, I really wanted to know how to subscribe to the Newsletter but never found how to.
But wait a minute, I’ve never seen those pterosaurs of the last picture in the game, is it a spoiler of what is coming?

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I think those are from jurassic world alive and ludia made an oopsie.

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Update: Newsletter in the post, click on the correct creature in it on a mobile device to win 100DB. Hint: it’s a purple extinct bird that rhymes with Frodo.

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What happens for you after you click? This and the 300 bucks for newsletter both just redirect me to the home page of

On my mobile it opens the game with a message that I have 100 bucks. Maybe open the game first then click?