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How to reduce lag in low end mobiles while playing jurassic world the game

Well I am not asking any question but am actually giving some tips.

  1. Keep all animation and transition scale to off in your mobile settings by enabling developer options.
  2. In your game settings go to gameplay and turn off paddock icons. [This won’t hover the evolve/fuse/level up icons on your dinosaur, reducing lag to some extent.]
  3. go to Mobile settings > Storage > tap on cache data > clear cache data. (This will delete the unnecessary data collected in your phone in the form of trash by other apps including JWTG). Open JWTG and it will download some assests again and it would be less laggy now. (If this still doesn’t work then clear the cache after rebooting your device and then start JWTG without any other app or function running on your phone.)
  4. Uninstall unnecessary apps and try to install the lite versions of those apps.
  5. If none of these works, the only way is to Back up your data in your pc/ Drive/ cloud or whatever (make sure that you have signed in JWTG and other important apps and games by facebook. If you are playing as a guest, ignoring this step is better.) Now Factory reset your phone by going in mobile settings and make sure to be connected to Wifi or VPN. This will delete all the data your phone has and all the apps would be uninstalled. Some Android version updates might also get deleted resulting in updating your phone again. Install JWTG ( do not download anything else if you want Least or almost No Lag.) Play the game.
  6. If even the fifth step doesn’t work means that phone is your enemy, buy another good one having 8GB RAM, simple. (8 GB RAM because I have one with that much and it never lagged at all.)

If you guys have some more tips, share them with us please.



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This game needs a phone with a huge ram system. My case in the past…i needed to buy a new phone😅

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