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How to remove "boosts" from dinos?

I have boosted my dino team from each day received “boosts” but now I decided to play “boosts free”, I don’t care for trophies anymore (I am 4500+ at the moment). Maybe a tip how to remove boosts? Is there an option to do that? Like “cleansing” my dino?

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you cant reverse the process. its like when you level a creature.

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Would be nice to have the option though.

Only one way


I’d also like to reverse leveling creatures.

It’s possible Ludia might do this while sorting out the uncontrolled boost purchase issue.

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I also want to remove all the boosts from my dinos. I hope they will make this option for us.

A reverse purchases feature would be great too. All of them please.

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they would never allow this. its like that suggestions to remove dna.

if allowed people buy less. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I want the following:

  1. Option for removing boosts
  2. Confirmation button for levelling up and speeding up incubators
  3. Fast fuse button for low rarity hybrids

Youll get one of those 3… i hear fast fuse is in the works…

Confirmation button will never happen it only takes a few minutes browsing their other games forums to see across ludia games. People ask for it… and they dont do refunds either… that just extra revenue for them.

Same with removing boosts… you needing to buy more boosts cause you wasted some on a dino you decided you didnt want them on is a win/win for them.


I am not asking for removing boosts for a refund or a boost token recovered. I just want to remove that boost (maybe temporarily) so that I can battle in a boost free mode.

Président !
But don’t forget cancel 10 dna per try for unique fuse.
Give compensation when bug or maintenance.

Can’t remove them. Simple as that

To date, i have not boosted any dinos, i just refuse to do it.
But will be interesting to know why u wish to revert this.
It certainly win u many matches, and lose flat when u hit a monster that out boosted your team.
I had a match yesterday with a boosted team, and opponent just let me win cause nothing in my team can scratch it.
So i assume “easy win” becomes boring now and losing to no sense boosted dinos just as boring.

Actually before the update, I read the update release notes and I knew stat boost is coming. I just felt that it is no good to the game as the stats makes the dinos balanced. Now this comes true.
I boosted my dinos just to avoid losing too often as I only want incubators. I don’t boost any dinos beyond Tier 3 in any stats, some are still at Tier 1. I don’t like battling like that, win or lose depends on the boosting levels. If I lose a battle due to my poor strategy, I would still be happy and will learn from my opponent his good use of his dinos. It is also ok if I lose for poor RNG, or even a DC.
If boosting is removed, everyone battles following the original stats, then only strategy and RNG determines the winner, that would be good.

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Removing your boosts isnt gonna stop you from playing against teams with boosts.

I roll over teams without boosts almost too frequently…

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But before the boost, everyone was shouting at RNG, as a gamble not skill.
Actually if the “boost” can only be “applied” once in a dino just for a single match it would be good.
Every boost will be up by 20%, but only use ONCE.
These “boost” is a drop from supply stops, one to be collected a day, or two at most.

When I meet unboosted teams, I feel shameful as mine are boosted. I win in a cheap way.
On the other hand, I also don’t want to meet overboosted teams. My L26 Thor once lost to a L21 Thor, just because his L21 was boosted insanely to 166 speed and over 2000 damage, maybe his L21 was still not capable to be levelled up to L22 because he got his Thor on the St. Patrick’s day.
Boosting is not fair. I like 1.7 since there are more viable dinos, but this boosting system ruins it.

You better hope Ludia doesn’t take them away! Than you will have to play fair like everyone else!Than you will call the Waaambulance!

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This is exactly what I said somewhere! In the other Jurassic game you play boosted battles and the boosts are only used once! Than you have to earn more!

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