How to Report an unsafe Supply Drop


How to Report an unsafe Supply Drop

Though we have strived to ensure that our Supply Drop locations are safe, we know that a possibility exists that there are some hazardous or unreachable locations.Our developers are working on an in-game reporting system so that these Supply Drops can be quickly flagged and reviewed in order to ensure player safety.

Until then, we have outlined a report process below to ensure our team can quickly identify and take action on any stops you think are unsafe. Please do not post these locations in the forums, as it could compromise not only your safety but the safety of others who might try and investigate the reported location.

To report a Supply Drop:

Email us at
Include “unsafe location” in your email title
Please include as much of the following as possible

  • Longitude and Latitude
  • Screenshot
  • Street name and nearest cross street name
  • City
  • Country
  • Why the location is unsafe



This is completely laughable. I strong doubt anything was done to ensure that Supply Drop locations are safe. There are soo many of them in the middle of busy roads in a 6 mile stretch of road near me, it makes this statement completely laughable.

If we are to report it via an email with all the info you listed above, this would take forever.

Since in this game, the locations of the supply drops seem random at best, and not a POI (Point of Interest) like in other “unnamed games”, most of the locations are just that…unsafe.


Hey GravityKills, our support team takes the safety of our players very seriously, but thank you for your feedback. You are now able to report the location of Supply Drops that you think are unsafe directly in the game, select the supply drop and tap on the “flag” icon on the upper right corner.


How are the Supply Drop locations “selected” for the game? Just random points on the map?


Hey GravityKills, sadly we are not able to answer how or where we locate Supply Drops because it’s up to our players to discover where they are on the map. However, if you do come across a Supply Drop location that you think is unsafe, report the location to our team by sending in an email or directly through the game.

I hope this helps!


@Ned d It really just sounds like Ludia is passing the buck off here, as they didn’t do their homework on how to place supply drops in safe locations, and they want us (the players) to do this foot work for them.

I see over 15+ of them in the middle of the road on my 6 mile drive to work. If there is that many in the burbs, I’d hate to see what the larger population centers / cities look like.


Is there not a sidewalk on your “busy road?”


Let me know if you can find a sidewalk. I sure don’t see one. You can walk on the side of the road, but I strongly recommend against it, as buses and other vehicles use it for an unofficial turn lane.