How to Report Supply Drops on Private Property or Inaccessible Areas?


I was looking for a way to do this as there are a couple of drops in my area that are in the middle of fields that are inaccessible due to fences or other restricted access. It would be useful to do this using the supply drop itself, maybe a long press to flag as inaccessible?

Devs can you provide some feedback?


At this moment it is not yet possible in the app itself.
The only way is via the support email:



Just a heads up, I sent a support request in. After the event update there are now three supply drops in the same field near 38.9285199, -77.5217867 that are unreachable.


they have a little flag on drops now! :slight_smile:


I believe you only need to be able to select it, like in the above picture.


You are correct. Even if you’re blocked by walls or other, simply selecting it from your “radar” screen gives you the opportunity to report it.