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How to rework Bosses into roster additions

So an idea that just came to mind was to overhaul the boss leveling system, so either there is a bigger cost for evolving them so they can integrate nicely into player’s rosters.

Essentially since bosses have no cool downs, give it anywhere from 3 or more uses per day. That way they can be an asset to late game players. Limit its max level by your most ferocious dino. Thus preventing them from unbalancing lineups.

Im just sick of bosses being useless outside of an extra 10-40 SDNA per day. The prize wheel rewards suck money brains, still salty that Ludia wasn’t clear with losing BDNA missions after unlocking, and it’s utterly a waste of time unless you level up your boss high enough (which still results in RNG prize wheels where %50 is still coins/food).

If Ludia wants its players to not let bosses fade into obscurity like Gyrosphere Drafts and Mods, then they need to integrate them into the base game. The Boss battles are stale, unfulfilling, and a waste of time once you get the first tier rewards.

I guess Ludia likes wasting development time on things some players despite…


Edit: for the leveling, make each jump in level 1000 BDNA, then you have to evolve it once you hit the increments of 10, costing 3000 for lvl 11, 5000 for lvl 21, 7000 for lvl 31.

Once they get reworked, revert everyone’s bosses back to lvl 1, and refund the costs that everyone sank into them aka, if I spent let say 374 BDNA into Omega and 1158 into Juggy, id get 1532 BDNA back for example. Ofc the higher levels will reward more.


hope I can get the boss in my lineup,
but for many player like myself, it would be too difficult as it will unbalance their lineup


Mods into obscurity?

I got another rajastega this week from PvP modded.

If nothing else, it would be nice if we had boss PvP, but we need more bosses first.


Now we wait as Ludia introduces 5 new Playable Bosses and we get the Hybrid Glass Canon Tourney Amphibian before we get Boss PvP. :crazy_face:


He said:

Also good idea Bae


They took a nose dive after they were released.

Modded PVP has fantastic rewards, but it’s the only use for mods. Second of all, when you do modded PVP do you dump resources into legendary and super rare mods or just the common and rares? My point exactly.

Would you do modded PvP if it weren’t for the good rewards? Exactly my point.

If you truly like them, it would make you one of the so few people who like them, of which I can only count on one hand…

Thus there is a reason why modded events are so rare throughout the week, and modded tournaments faded from existence.

*She :wink:

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Oh whoops. Sorry lol

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I really do think though that there is so much potential in gyrosphere draft battles, they are pretty fun to do and I love selecting my teams from preset rosters, always different so they never get boring, it just comes down to the cost really.

If they made them cheaper or with better rewards (or both :joy: ) then I would certainly spend more time in doing them that’s for sure.

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I totally love Gyropheres too, but this is the sole reason why I feel they aren’t worth playing. They yield worthless rewards for mid to late game players, and so it’s just throwing away dbux for a whole different experience.

I think they’d be worth it if there were tiers where the level of dinos you pick offers different rewards.

I.e. if you choose super rare dinos, you get common hybrids. Base-game Legendaries give rare hybrids. Tournament dinos give Super Rare hybrids. Then VIPs, Hybrids, S-Hybrids, rewards legendary hybrids.

Then to counteract lower level players from earning too powerful of dinos, set caps at level 10 for common hybrids, 20 for rare hybrids, 35 for super rare hybrids, and 55 for legendary hybrids. That way its a way to compliment player’s rosters, not ruin the way in which hybrids are earned.


I have to do PvP for the daily missions.

I only spend coins on mods, so common and rare. At most I use 1x L40 T Rex and two level 1 common birds. The least needed for top rewards.