How to rotate the dino in AR?

Every time I enter the AR to take photos of some dinos, they are always facing me.
How can I spin them in order to take their side view?

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You can’t. Place the Dino, and walk around to the side.

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Oh…That’s stupid. Why don’t they put that function into it?

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Just make sure you are facing the way you want it to appear first and then walk around it to get the view you want.

Yes, you can rotate dino in AR, but it is not quite easy. First you must touch screen by one finger, move dino and than touch screen with second finger. Moving second finger you rotate the dino.

And now the best thing: this was discavered by my 3years old son. I thought that rotating is impossible. I show him dinos, he touch screen and than… he rotate dino! I tried to do the same, but I can’t. And again he rotate, I can’t. After more than 20 tries Ive realised that his fingers touch screen not exatly in the same moment and that was the key.