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How to solve annoying dodges


We all know how annoying is when your opponent dodges 6 times in a row. When one indo gets rid of half of your team without even getting damage.

A small change can make this situation better. Just add a rule that a creature can’t dodge 2 times in a row. Let it still be for 3 turnes, just exclude the extreme luck when a creature dodges everything.

That will add a little bit more strategy to battles. Instead of being beaten by bad luck you can plan your attack if your opponent dodged the latest attack.


That rule defeats the whole point of the chance to dodge if you’re guaranteed to not dodge after it happens once.

The solution to dodge is to use a nullify attack.


There is already a solution to this, it’s to use a dinosaur with nullifying strike.


Just use SS until dodge and then guaranteed rampage for example? :joy:


The evasive stance lasts for 3 turns with a 3-turn cooldown. That means after 3 turns, it cannot dodge for one turn.