How to stop the erge to speed up my dinosaurs

Hello I have made this thread to hopefully get some help I have a problem with speeding things up specifically creatures I just can’t help but to and I want help to stop I want to save bucks not spend them I want to save up my bucks so that when I hit 500-600k DNA I can spend all of my bucks on speeding up my tournament creatures in the hatchery and speed up the evolutions feel free to comment

If you want to save bucks you should not spend buck . And you can store fossil for trading to dB in trade harbor.


@Nonthawath_777 mhm well here’s the thing I already do that and get about 10k bucks a week If I don’t spend them which I do so ya this is the reason I made this thread not trying to be rude or anything

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I think hatch dinosaur that hatch time is short (below 24 hrs.) such as rare hybird , super rare hybrid and rare superhybrid I think those dinosaur you will not use buck to speed up.


@Nonthawath_777 ok thanks for the tip I will consider doing that before spending a lot of bucks maxing up phesphodurma or how ever you spell it

@Ironman4life Here is tip to calculate bucks for speeding tournament dinosaur and tournament hybrids. It hatch 7 days(168 hrs.) and use 1680 DB to speed up. so if it pass 1hr dB will decreasing 10 DB.So I waiting until hatchery discounts to speed up.


10k DBs a week? How do you manage to make that many?

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@Bathory AF’s and JH Statues

Do you have a clear market as well?

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If you don’t want to speed them up, well then don’t.


If I was getting that a week I would be speeding more creatures up.

Some people have more patience than others so maybe waiting and saving bucks is not to your play style.

I would like to see how many af to DB offers you get a week, even though I’ve cleared my mod market I’ve not seen an increase in af to db trades and maybe only get roughly 5 a week still.

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