How to switch from one google account to another google account in same device

my ID is dinoking999, can anyone please tell me how to switch from one google account to another.
I started playing this game by other account , now i have created new account, now i had to switch account, what can i do?

Go to settings (click on your player level number top left and select the settings tab); click logout - the game will then allow you to select or add a Google account when starting up.

I was talking about getting my old data in new google account

  1. log out of current account in the ingame setting (click on profile with level on it, then there is a typical settings bar there that you have to click to get to in-game settings)
  2. press login using facebook, or gamecenter, or googleplay or google account (ive never seen but t might just be the google play) (gamecenter is for apple and googleplay is for other phones)
  3. sign into your actual account
  4. restart game (double click, swipe up and restart)
  5. old account is back