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How to take down a level 29 Stegodeus


(Gorgo was already on the field, opponent swaps in stegod and my baby started the destruction with a ferocious strike and then lands a crit DSR! #teamgorgo)


You are a pro, facing level 29 with your level 22 dino. I would have just gave-up as soon as I would see that level 29 when mine are average level 20 :frowning:


Hahah I appreciate it, but you give me too much credit… this was the rest of the other guys team

I ended up winning the match but if he had played it right, I would’ve lost with ease :joy:

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This is something I see a lot. Just because someone has a great strike team doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to strategise and play


Atta boi!!

Wait, what?

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Yeah… he swapped his dying dino out and tagged the stegod in thinking it could “take care of things”
Again, most people wouldn’t play this way but I just wanted to share that it is possible to bring this beast down


Which other dino of theirs did you take out before they swap to Stegodeus? Seems that they are relying far too much on Stegodeus, who in this case isn’t really the best candidate even if she’s level 29.


Their active team was tourmaloch (sp), megalosuchus, indoraptor and stegodeus
Vs my:
Spinotasuchus (21), gorgo (22), stegaceratops (22) And indoraptor (24)


Well done! Dont mean to diminish your accomplishment :slight_smile: That had to feel good :smiley:

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Tuoramoloch is an interesting choice, they probably have her for the stun effects. What is the other dino you’ve defeated before they swap in Stegodeus?

One “good” thing about almost never getting Stegodeus drawn for my battle deck is it forces me to get to know how to use my other dinos :joy:

Edit to Add: I often feel a sense of dread when I see Gorgo, but not as much with Megalosuchus :rofl:


Thats me with stegodeus and indo as well.


Nice one, just love to see noobodeus die :sunglasses:. Funny that they swapped to a tank when a tank buster was already on the field, buffed and ready. What a bad move :laughing:

I had a similar situation with someone swapping in a noobodeus VS my already buffed Tryo :sunglasses:

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Can you guys suggest me replacement for Tryotrinix or another dino?

Should I evolve, add another level or two and put megalosuchus in team?


It was:

Stegaceratops vs tourmaloch
Stegaceratops dies Tourmaloch stays.

Spinotasuchus enters and finishes tourmaloch.

Opponent plays megalo and I use DOT

Megalo kills spinotasuchus.

I enter gorgo and Opponent swaps bleeding megalo for stegod giving me two attacks vs stegod: ferocious + DSR

(Stegod dies… and then my gorgo and indoraptor finish off the scraps of whatever was left including the opponents lower level indoraptor)

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Curious … why are you looking to replace Tryostronix?


Somehow I always feels like he dies too fast and my weak link. If he is left to fight then I always afraid of bringing him out :frowning:


Is it the RTC that’s the problem? NGL, I’m still trying to figure out how best to utilize. Most of the time I leave that move alone.


His speed is slow and also no priority moves :frowning:

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I wonder why they use Megalo before Stegodeus for the Spinotahraptor. Very possible that they panicked and went for the highest level in their deck.

Super awesome job on taking that down! You’ll probably be seeing some challenge friendly battle from me the next couple of days, I’m thinking of making an active effort to step back into the arena soon - if I don’t keep getting timed out searching for opponents I mean


Haha thanks!
I was surprised as well.
I need to figure out how to record these matches.
Most of mine are pretty straightforward but then there’s that rare one that’d be fun to watch over and share

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