How to tell ludia loves their rat

Step one face the boosted monster himself in a swap in match up


Step 2 manage to stun and get 1 turn off and distract for next trun.

Don’t have a screenshot but i go for cunning strike

Step 3 immediately get fricked when the Rat does FULL DAMAGE while its distracted

Step 4 proceed to lose to rat

Now this absolute crap cause. For 1 cunning strike should stay as long as the creature doesn’t attack the distraction stays. 2 if supposedly the server didn’t get me touching cunning strike and say timed out it didn’t accept me touching cunning strike earlier well this doesn’t matter since it should automatically do cunning strike by itself.

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The game counted the stunned turn as a turn. Due to him doing his action (in this case being stunned), the cunning strike wore off his next turn. Do I like it? No. Is it what it is? You bet.


If the Rat was actually faster than you I think it is broken, unless he went last in which case it went as @Cheeseeater said

He was faster I mean I couldn’t slow him down. He was 131 speed.

Wait what? Really? Ugh.