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How To Train Your Dragon 2


OK, so I just finished watching HTTYD 2 for like the 500th time, literally cried the entire way through it, thought I was going to dry up. Did anyone else feel like this after watching it for a 2nd, 3rd, or just ANY OTHER TIME AFTER THE FIRST ONE?

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I didn’t even have to watch the third movie. I nearly cried when I heard it’s going to be the last of the series.


@Swoop, Same! As soon as I heard that Httyd 3 was going to be the last movie, I was very sad, I wish it could go on a lot longer, but sadly no.
(Httyd = How To Train Your Dragon)
@Toothless1, I felt the same way too!! I actually have the DVD for Httyd 2! I watched it multiple times, my favorite part in the movie was when Toothless challenged Drago’s Bewilderbeast! I loved the music that played on that part. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh @Kiri I love that scene as well but my favorite scenes are Where No One Goes and when Hiccup releases me from the Alpha.

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That scene was adorable, Where No One Goes!! I loved that one as well.