How To Train Your Dragon 3

I know it’s late to be asking, but I want to know what everyone thought of How To Train Your Dragon 3, The Hidden World!? I hope you all liked it!!

The ending for it was very sad but beautiful, and in my opinion, When Grimmel kidnapped Ruffnut, it was second to best part in the movie for me! She talked way too much, and just that stare from that baby dragon and Grimmel in such despair, I couldn’t contain my laughter.
What was your guys favorite scene?


Ok, so, I am absolutely obsessed with this movie @Kiri. I thought it was the best movie ever, and I can relate to it in so many ways. I loved every scene all the same, they we’re all great and the music was OUTSTANDING. Because of this movie, I went out and got these.

I might be a little obsessed, but IDC because I loved it.


I did the same thing!!

Only difference in my case, I haven’t bought the Lightfury yet, but I have a collection of little dragon figurines that I have kept for a while


I’m totally jealous that you found a neat Toothless jacket!! :open_mouth: I’ll have to look for that one!

@Kiri I found the jacket on RedBubble its called “Pocket Pal”, I saw it and instantly thought that I needed it. I don’t know why, but I just feel a connection to Toothless. (I know I sound corny but bear with me) He just represents me in every way.

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Absolutely loved HTTYD3! I wish it was longer though.

That Toothless Hoodie is AMAZING!


Thanks @Marcus I got it from a site called REDBUBBLE, if you are thinking about buying one its called “Pocket Pal”.

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Thanks for sharing! :grinning:


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Forgot to mention, Light Fury smells like Vanilla Cupcake and Toothless (me) smells like Strawberry.

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I was deeply imagining the Lightfury smelling like that fresh cream when you spread it on a cake, but Toothless just smelling like a fish … maybe because he’s always eating fish!?
That’s my imagination though for what they might really smell like!! Who knows … it could be the opposite! :scream:

Lol they didnt have fish @Kiri and it probably wouldnt smell that good if they did

Fish smell amazing! Half the population of Cats, Dogs, and Humans agree! Well, and then there’s the other half :unamused:
I kind of fall in between, cause fish have a rotting stench too

My expectations before the third movie were definitely too high. I enjoyed the film, but the first one is still my most beloved. I was dissapointed with a lack of Grimmel’s motivation (being evil just to be evil; he could be a bounty hunter specialized in Night Fury’s and hunt them for some sort of weapon based on thunders), no role for Gobber and Valka and… the music - only “Once there were dragons” gets to my heart. Don’ t get me wrong, I still love it :slight_smile:


Same honestly, I hoped that they’d focus more on the actual hidden world and bit less on the whole Light Fury thing. The movie was great, but yeah, the first is too the one I like the most. I really wanted to see a bit more of exploration, and the fact that Toothless almost didn’t use his alpha powers makes it look like it was something limited to the second movie and was just there to be cool. Maybe if it were a bit longer we could see more things, such as actual roles for Valka and Gobber, a bit more of development on Grimmel, more dragons and more action scenes. SPOILER : Though the scene where Hiccup let go of the Light Fury so that she could save Toothless was amazing but I really missed that flying action we got to see on the first movie and a bit on the second. The OST was amazing though!

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Here’s my theory of what’s going to happen next, you know how they made Httyd2, but after that they started making “Race To The Edge”, and that’s supposed to take place BEFORE Httyd2, but was made AFTER Httyd2 cause Race To The Edge contained some spoilers for the second movie (I’m talking about the King of Dragons)!!
Well, maybe just MAYBE, since they did that whole show, they’ll make another TV show that takes place right BEFORE Httyd3, and pull the same stunt they did?!
So we’ll see some more adventure before they really end Toothless’ adventure!!
But then again, that’s just a mere dream, I only wish they would do that :triumph:


Pretty sure they’re not. I’m almost certain the DreamWorks Dragons franchise will end with Rescue Riders (which isn’t a part of the HTTYD movie Or TV series canon). Until a reboot of some kind happens in the distant future, this is the last we’ll see of Hiccup, Toothless and Co.

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Yeah, your right, but I’ll still keep my hopes up just in case.

They are making another TV series

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Awesome!! I didn’t know until now! :sweat::star_struck: