How to trigger the 3 attack 1 block AI loop

Hello everybody. I’ve been playing a lot of tournaments this week and I’m sure a lot of y’all are too. Some of you might’ve heard of the 3 attack 1 block loop but if you don’t I’ll fill you in. Basically it is when the enemy AI repeatedly does 3 attack 1 block, allowing you to save reserves and not die. I have found out what I think is the best way to trigger this.

Step 1: have your Dino be in 1 shot range.
Step 2: the enemy Dino must be killable in 4 or more hits, this is what I think triggers the 1 block rather than reserve.
Step 3: be cautious and hopefully win the battle.

This strat is very useful, and has helped me a lot in tournaments. It is ESPECIALLY viable when sandbagging. This strat has helped me win most of my sandbagging matches, and I hope it helps you too! For reference, here’s a game I won by triggering this loop.

Please note that though effective, this strat can fail. Sometimes I will almost win and the enemy is like “you know, I’m more of a 3 attack 1 reserve kind of guy” and then I lose.

Best of luck to y’all and happy tournaments!


there is another loop the 4 blocks…

I haven’t ever gotten that loop, but good to know!

That’s when the AI ​​is blocking 4 and after a long time it ends up attacking 4.
It is common in PvE…


I can only ever get this to work on my second dino. If I’m on my last then the AI invariably reserves and kills me.

Edit, I mean the three attack one block loop. 4 blocks can happen at any time.

Oh well that explains it, I’m talking about mostly tournaments

i know
i love to take advantage of that
so when that happens, the bot uses 3 attack 1 block
so i use 3 block 1 reserve
then opponent uses 4 attack
and i almost die

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There’s another point here that I don’t think anyone else has mentioned yet. I don’t even know if it’s always true but here it is:

The reason why the 3 attack 1 block loop triggers in the first place is because the AI assumes you blocked 2. Therefore, if it can oneshot you, it will go for 3 attack and either 1 block or 1 reserve (for the loop to work, it has to be 1 block). But here’s the thing. Suppose you’re at 7 points and you did 4 reserve 3 block trying to keep the AI looped. The AI will then assume you blocked 2, right? But that’s impossible because you had 7 points, used none on attack, and can only reserve 4. So I think this is why a lot of times when you’re at 7 points, the AI breaks the loop and opts for 3 attack 1 reserve. After realizing this yesterday, I started only reserving to 7 then going 3-3-1, and the loop’s been a lot more steady now.


I’ve gotten the loop hundreds of times, but I didn’t know that it would trigger if the opp was killable in four or more. Good to know!

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The only time I have seen the pattern break is if you go more than 4 attack, if you attack 5 and block 3 opponent will go for 4 instead

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Yeah not a good idea to let the opponent know you can be killed even if you go for all blocks.