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How to unlink a Facebook account and link another one

Hi, I recently got logged out of Facebook while I was playing the game, and accidentally put in the wrong Facebook account when logging back in. Every time I log out of that account and try to log into my real account it just says, “You’ve previously logged into Jurassic world the game using Facebook, would you like to continue?” And whenever I press continue it pulls up the wrong Facebook account. Is there any way I could unlink the wrong Facebook account and link the right one?

Hey People_Person! You can contact our support team at with your support key and they’ll be happy to assist you with this.

They still haven’t gotten back to me

It could take up to 5 business days

Still have not gotten a reply. Does anyone have any tips on how to unlink a Facebook account because I’m starting to think about deleting the game.

I don’t know if I understood correctly but then your game was linked to another facebook account? Or with the other facebook account a new game account was created?

If it is the 2nd option, I would try closing the game session and then closing the facebook app, even deleting the data, entering the game and logging in with facebook and putting the correct data.

If you’ve already tried that, then I can’t think of anything else. Good luck

Basically what happened is I was disconnected from my Facebook while playing the game, then when it asked me to reconnect Facebook I accidentally connected the wrong one. Now whenever I logout of that account it only lets me continue as the wrong account. I’ve tried to remove the game from the other Facebook account, as well as deleting the app, but nothing has worked.

A long time ago I played on this second Facebook account, but when I got a new phone I connected my actual Facebook account. The actual facebook account is the one I have been playing on for two years now.

If you delete both your facebook app and Jurassic world app then reinstall both, your phone will not have the data to remember the account you dont want to login to. Login with the right account after that and it should work.

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Ok I’ll try that

It still didn’t work.

I emailed ludia support twice a week ago, and they still haven’t gotten back to me.

Ok try clearing cache and deleting data from whatever web browser your using.

Thank you so much, it worked. Goes to show the community is so much more helpful then the ludia support team

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Just some background knowledge in IT, glad it worked.

In future if you do contact support its advised to only contact them once about a current problem, contacting them more will push you to the back of the queue.