How to use Alankylosaurus?


Just dropped over 100 trophies in Arena 8, can’t seem to find a way to deal with the Trykosaurus so I thought I’d try and see if Alankylosaurus (level 20) is really all that great. Went up against IndoRaptor so I use Alankylosaurus for the Swap In Invincibility. As second move I tried to use Long Invincibility but never got a chance to use second move because IndoRaptor struck twice.

What am I doing wrong?


You can’t use him against dinosaurs that breaks through shields.


Ok so the dinos circled in yellow are the ones from my opponent.

Here are the ones the game selected for me:

How should I have strategize?


It may have been a losing battle from the beginning I’m afraid. Alanky is cool due to the SIA invincibility but it’s slow speed and weak hit set it apart from other “tanks” in the higher teirs. It’ll make a battle last forever with its shields but I don’t think it will significantly change the outcome.

The worst part is, when you SIA, if your dino is slower than the opponent, they’ll go twice because the swap will Count as a move for you.

You’ve got a great team man… I think alanky May hold them back though.


Should I put Tragodistis back? Who else should I switch out while I’m at it? Feels like I’m consistently facing the same three people now day in and day out with the same three or four uniques.:sob: It’s bizarre because surely there are others in the same range. Some of the people on my friends list are from the same range but I still don’t get paired with them even if they are online.


Haha, test out the trago… if things look up after a good amount of battles, you’ll always have alanky as a trophy piece :slight_smile:

At level 23, I have a feeling it’d probably yield better results… but who knows. The dynamics of this game confuse me more often than not :man_shrugging:t4:


I’m just really worried that being paired against those same players will become a regular thing because I will never be able to catch up :rofl:

Plus, won’t put it past Ludia to mess up on tournament again. I can already see a good pool of us being misplaced with players who aren’t qualified to participate :joy:


are we friends in the game ?
If not, Add me: Hersh (2723)

Haha, I may just sit tight until the tournament starts… I’m pretty safe In the above 4000 trophy zone but I just don’t wanna deal with people trying to fight they’re way up before it starts.

Honestly tho, I don’t think I’ll care about this tournament as much as I did the last one.
I won’t pay what it takes to get in the higher prize brackets (kinda defeats the point)
And with an epic strike events happening like every week, i really don’t feel like I’ll be missing out on much if I don’t make it.


@Hersh Just sent a request!

I’m thinking the same but I’m not sure how else to get arena exclusive dna. My priority is collect them all so if I can’t level them I’m fine, but for some dna only available by fighting your way up, then I won’t be able to save them all :rofl:


Got it, accepted.

Haha, that’s how they get you hooked! :joy:
Drug dealer tactics


They are now putting me into “rehab” by making me lose battle after battle :laughing:


Dino OD!
Just wait until the withdrawals come in :joy:


Mm, I think I actually am going to quit. I’m convinced that they’ve already started separating players into pools and I somehow got mistakenly lumped with the unmentionables :scream:

I can’t explain how else it is that it’s always taking forever for me to be paired even when others are online and when I get paired it’s always low level players with super uniques :joy: