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How to use boosts the best?

I would like to know your ideas how to use boosts the best.
I’m spreading my boosts over my team. My idea is to get my speedsters first to tier 7.
I have a baby Magna lvl 21, I was’nt happy with his HP. So I boosted it’s Hp first. Tryko is speedboosted to tier 3, should I bring that up first? Or should I invest my speedboost in my speedy dinos first?
In a short way, how do you all use them?

I’m not a top player, but I can give you my 2 cents on the matter :slight_smile:

It’s a very good idea to spread them out like you are doing now. I don’t know how many speedsters you run in your team, but you should make sure they hit tier 6 or 7 speed as soon as possible.

This is vital to prevent people sweeping your team.

If it’s possible, also make your favorite chomper tier 6 speed.

Once you have atleast three speedsters at tier 6, and a tier 6 speed chomper.

Then you can either go with a tier 7 speedster, save up boosts or boost something else.

Your entire team should have tier 5 +, HP and Attack, preferably tier 7.

With the speed mainly invested in speedsters.

Magna is in desperate need of HP boosts so that was a smart move.

Dinos like Tryko, Dio and Grypo etc, don’t really need speed boosts, at least not yet.

So your Tryko is already fast enough. There are benefits to having the slower Tryko, so tier 3 speed is solid.

This is just my way of looking at the boost situation, around 5100 trophies.


Speed to speedsters. I wouldn’t boost Tryko’s speed too much. Focus on its health and attack. Magna really needs HP and speed, you’re right on that. The rest, it depends on your creatures and your intentions.

I only went tier 2 speed on Tryko with thoughts that using ID is usually the first move over base and timing the counter has worked out well. Evenly spreading damage and health focusing on the lower ones first has worked too. Good luck!

Speed to speedsters.
HP and speed to your glass cannons.
Damage to your chompers.

Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions. I will stick to my strategy of spreading boosts.:smiley:

I’m not entirely sure that I need to further explain what my screenshots don’t obviously showcase already and in the BEST possible way too. But I HAVE BEEN DYING to ask/learn if everybody else knew that each of the dinos health and damage boxes on their respective stats pages, WERE IN FACT BUTTONS that can be pressed and held down to better help show you what that particular dinos health and damage would end up as “IF” you leveled it up instead of boosting its health or damage. AND ALSO give you a much clearer picture as to which thing NEEDED a boost added onto it, like say for example if your dinos health was at 1500 & if you pressed/held the health button it would show that “IF” you waited and leveled it up without adding a boost to it, that ur lvl up would shoot you up from 1500 to 1875. And if you simply clicked on the health box to pull up the boost little menu, the health boost would take you up from 1500 1689. See what I’m getting at??? So the clear answer would be to NOT waste a health boost on that dino but to wait till you leveled it up first to get that much bigger health gain from it. And if the roles were reversed for that same dinos damage (but kept what we just concluded to what needed to be done for it’s health a moment ago.) Then yes obviously you don’t waste a boost on that dinos health, since your waiting to lvl it up. But you WILL boost its damage, since the damage boost gives a giant leap forward over the small amount of damage you would gain if you waited to level it up like your doing for its health. See?? So #EVERYTHINGDEPENDS on which gives a better “health or damage gain” by double checking both of these methods…but for every future decision you plan to make when wanting to help boost all or just a small portion of the dinos in ur roster.


That is awesome I was disappointed that when the new update arrived I couldn’t see the progression when levelling anymore I thought it had been removed many thanks :+1:t2:

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Idk, in my opinion an battle time, every time I speed one up, all my foes r faster…every time. An I hav my entire team in the 140’s on speed. Until the matchmaking is a lil more leveled out it’s a coin flip in my experience

1- Do not boost legendaries, only uniques. Remove the goat from your team.
2- Do not use speed boosts on tank counter attackers. Priorise fast dinos (129 speed)
3- Boost your A team up to T6, do not go past T3 on dinosaurs that you may substitute soon.

Once at T7 you are at end game point, consider very well what’s worth bringing up to T7.
Magna makes a difference at T7 speed , but once everything else catch up, it will be back to be slow. Magna will always be slower than its direct counters, it is what it is :wink:

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Here is what Magna looks like at max boost tier 10 & max level 30. Look at what’s underlined in red. That’s not bad but I’m extremely surprised at what other dinosaurs all have (especially their speeds) at max level 30 plus max boost tier 10.

That health is almost a crime, when you realise how hard it is to create Magna. :pleading_face:

I’m hoping Magnas health gets a buff in 1.9

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the more you apply it the better your dinosaurs get

For all those “Rat” lovers you got quite a surprise for ya once you reach max boost tier 10 max level 30 ROTFLMAO

(Side Note: I really loathe how when you upload multiple screenshots of something(s) that it ALWAYS comes out all jumbled and out of order, instead of being uploaded in the order that you select the picture in your photo library!!! Ok so basically the max boost tier 10 at max lvl 30 that shows 158 belongs to the grey Dracorex and the 174 max boost tier 10 at max lvl 30 that one belongs to the green Dracorex.

Remove them?

I wish there was a way to remove the boosts. Or there was an option in our game store to where we could buy a store item that allows us to reset either some boosts off dinosaurs or all the boosts so we can pick and choose which dinosaurs get them whenever a new meta comes out that makes a current unique meta obsolete and pointless & completely makes our original hard work all in vain.

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