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How to use Erlidominus


I have unlocked Erlidominus. I put it into my team, but I don’t know how to use it effectively and I lost several battles. When it is picked into the line up, I don’t know if I need cloak (I don’t like RNG, usually RNG is not on my side), if I don’t cloak, its low HP make it easily be killed. Any suggesstions or advice?


Best option is for Erl is to has Hp more than the first hit of the opponent.So you cloak and even if the opponents hit gets through you will do serious 2x damage.Or you can use it as revenge kill ( or DC ) and then repeat the above moveset.Basically i put it on my team after it became 25.


I normally attack on the first move. The revenge kill is brilliant if you use speedup strike because their next dino is guaranteed to be slower. A lot of my opponents swap in a tank or a shield dino if they see my erlidominus, so rather than cloak, I just hit with a rampage and then hit n run if I need to.
Beware of facing things like Tryko because if you hit and run, their counter can often kill you before you run if you are on low health.
Cloak is my last resort; it does enough damage as it is usually.
Oh, and if they use DracoRat, rampage the nuts out of it before it runs away with its tail between its legs…


Assuming draco is selected in your battle team:
Depending on the 4 dino sequence, if draco is to the left of erli, I play the left most dino first.
If first dino is taken out, I play right most dino, if its taken out, I play erli, knowing if I impact n run, draco comes in with dsr.
If draco is to the right but there is a dino in btw, I play the in btw dino first b4 playing erli. This will setup erli for impact n run into draco.
I’m sure u get the idea now, I try n play in a way that setup erli into draco, no matter the dino sequence.


If it’s below team level (like most dinos) it’s not going to be overly useful as you have found out it’s so easily one shot.
It’s not a master plan or anything but if I can bring it in and finish someone off with speed up strike it’s quite nice to have so many options against the next opponent.


Erlidominus is tricky, cause of its low health. I usually start with Rampage. When I face Thor I usually use cloak as I know Erlidominus won’t survive two hits without it and will oneshot Thor if dodges at least one attack.

When facing Utarinex I would also recomend cloak first turn. I killed several Erlidominus with Utarinex when they went Rampage then cloak. Instant charge hitted through cloak.

When you don’t oneshot oponent, then finish it of with Minimal speedup strike as that way will be faster as any other dino.

Its not a good opener as any dino that has enough health that survives Rampage, can kill it. Erli Rampage damage is same as its health (damage is rounded upwards: if health is 2721, damage is 2722).

Tryko is it’s worst matchup. Cloak only to avoid counter attack damage or when you are sure that Tryko already used Instant invincibility. Also Strike and run only if Erli has enough damage to survive counter.

Second worst matchup for Erli is Monostego as it can nullify cloak.

EDIT: Each additional level means higher survivability for Erli.


This is quite helpful until the last sentence which is completely redundant


I don’t like Draco or DC although I have mine at L20, and can become L21 if I press the button.
However, this seems a good match. As I run a few run-away dinos like Tuora and Spinota.


Before I unlock Erlidom, I also used my Thor to kill opponents’ Erlidom.
After I have unlocked her, my Erlidom also faced Utarinex and Thor. I used Cloak, but both Utarinex and Thor have Instant Charge, Erlidom actually has to survive two attacks before she goes Rampage. My Erlidom died in the two battles.
Maybe I have to consider benching her until it catches up with my team level (22-25).

There was really once when my Erlidom and opponent’s dino had low HP, and was going to kill the opponent with Strike and Run, the opponent swapped in Tryko and my Erlidom died by her counter attack.


Yea indeed, n you have 3 swapping dinos in your team, kinda look like a draco team setup lol.
At the very least, the more swappers in the team, higher chance u can pair with draco dsr.


Actually it usually needs to survive one attack, if Thor don’t crit on IC, at least when Erli is leveled up few levels. At lvl 21 most of uniques are glassy, especially Diloracheirus and Erlidominus.


Yes, you’re right. I remember that when my Thor was at 21, it was not powerful enough until it was 23. Now it is even stronger because it is 25.
My Tuora has just become 23 and I feel that it is stronger now.
I think the only unique which is strong even at 21 is Tryko, but I am still working on it.