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How to use Gigaspike

So, I just created Gigaspikasaur, and I want to use it on my team as it’s my favorite dino, but I’m not sure how to use it. My average team level is 19, and I’m hovering between 3200 and 3400 trophies. Any advice?


It’s a tank, low damage, high bulk. Use it as any other tank.
It’s varies against different foes. For speedy ones, shield up, slow down, hit. For bleeders, slow down and hit, then die or swap. For chompers, hit, hit, dye. For hit and runners, shield up, pin, slow down, hit… And so on.

Thank you!

No problem, you just have to use it and try what’s the best strategy. Whenever you are fighting something that cannot break shields, try to stay shielded. This is something that most people forget. Doesn’t apply to bleeders.

Yeah, his shield is the main attraction.
I’d use his shield as my first move. Slow down anything faster or anything with slowing moves. His main weakness (along with all tanks) is bleeders.
Just use him right and he’ll go well.

Love Giga, it pained me to take him off my team because he was still a productive Dino. I always remembered when using him that he is a “long game” dino. His strength is to prolong things and play defense until he can land the rampage. He is versatile but struggles somewhat against bleed and distraction however with good strat he can overcome a lot. Mine use to regularly beat stegod even if at a lvl disadvantage

Love this Dino.

But seems to be better in earlier meta?

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There should be the situation where both of you and your opponent dino are dying. If your opponent dino is faster, they will most likely use basic attack. In such case, you can swap in giga (or any counter attacker) for a surprise counter attack and finish their dino off.

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Giga is really beefy. The surprise counter-attack when you swap in if the opponent has less than 300 health is really good. If you’re going to start with it, slow first because the opponent is probably faster than you. Giga has been the MVP of my team some fights even though I have indoraptor and indominus

Giga is solid. Good moveset. 40% armor. Not quite the hp of stegod, but does more damage than stegod by quite a bit with the counter included. Its a good dino man

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