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How to Use Indominus Rex Gen 2?

I just got IRg2, and so far he’s putting up a poor showing on my team comprised of a Sarcorixis, Sinoceratops, Thylacotator, Procerathomimus, Miragaia, T-Rex1, and Brachiosaurus.

Now they’re all between level 12 and 16, while he’s level 11, but according to the tier list on the wiki he should be way more powerful than they, surely he could keep up with my three level 12s.

I think the problem is actually that I haven’t worked out what tactics to use with him. Like I’m tempted to Cloak->Fury->attack, but that takes three turns and I’m often half dead by then. Maybe I should just Cloak->attack, or attack more often than I realize.

What strategy have you guys worked out for winning with him?

Depends on how you use him and what moves you use first, fury, cloak, means dead opponent if have no shields

Actually I think I would use Fury fist, use cloak toward the end when it might die. MFury is a situation dependent move though, you just have to know the right time. I think cloak could help you stay around one more turn than it normally would.

Exactly what I’m asking…what is a good set of rules to decide when to use Fury, or Cloak, or go straight into the attack? Of course which attack I use depends on whether my opponent is shielded or armored, but it’s the two special buffs that I’m wondering about.

What would your advice be?

I figured it’s better to keep from taking damage through the whole fight, not wait until the end when even a 33% attack on me might kill him anyway.

At least that’s what works with my Procerathomimus, I almost always Evasive Stance first and it gives him great sustain.

But you’re finding it’s best to save cloaking to the end?

I’d say cloak if you’re faster than your opponent and they have no shields, but if they are, then try using mutual fury and cloak if you wanna do four times the damage. Although if the opponent is still too fast that you wont outspend your opponent, just cloak and pray you can dodge 2 times and that they dont have any form of invincibility.


It’s how I am hypotheticaly Guessing it would work, it’s like regular Indominus. I personally use Mutual Fury first for the speed boost and damage increase.

So Mutual Fury and Armor Piercing Rampage DO combine to make 4x damage? That sounded too good to be true.

I feel so weird about how Mutual Fury boosts the opponent, too. You find that it really pays off anyway? I guess I’d avoid using it against something with really high damage like a T Rex, right? So they can’t 1 hit me on their turn of being boosted.

Well it depends on how fast or slow your opponent is and what class if it’s a tank that between 107-119 the use cloak is more reliable. For chompers cloak. And if it’s low and they can’t kill you go fury to be faster and have ur attack up for the next Dino. For speedsters cloak the only time I say recommend using Mutual fury is against something like brontolamus, stegocera, tryko basically stuff you know is faster than you

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Yeah but if you would out speed the opponent next turn it’s great! Also Indom usually has enough health to take the hit.

For opponents that are faster than you where even mutual fury wont save you, stick to cloak

I don’t actually use the G2 version, but I used the regular and the Indor g2 so I’m not a master at this but I do know what I’m talking about. Point being these guys should know better than I.

Mutual fury will always make it .1x faster, so, If your opponent is faster but will be slower after you use mutual fury, then go for It. If the opponent is fast enough that mutual fury won’t make indom faster or If the opponent is slower than you, then go for cloak. Remember, If your indom is 108 speed, It will get 118 speed. If your opponent dino is between 109-117, it’s safe to use mutual fury most of the time. If you kill the dino It will have a boost in damage and speed for the next one. Never use mutual fury when the opponent is slower, and don’t try to use It alongside cloak, It doesn’t work. It’s one or the other. I used It a lot on the epic tournaments and it’s a beast If used right, one of the best dinos of the tournament, and i used It as i described here.


Actually it’s 119 speed cause round it mean don’t know why an indom can get to this speed but ya it’s a beast especially with the definite strike which basically becomes a rampage

No they don’t combine, using mutual fury after cloak is just wasting your cloaked damage. But now that i think about It, If you use mutual fury first, you have two turns of 1.5x damage. First turn activate cloak, second turn attack with ferocious and cloak damage. I guess that could work but it’s very risky with the extra damage you gave your opponent. I don’t think it’s the best strategy but it’s possible.

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Perhaps it’s because 1.1x108= 118.8 so the rounding gets It to 119?

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Ya but still that pretty fast for an immune chomper that has plus 50% attack, can go through shields cloak and armor

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Yeah it’s a great boost

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I feel though it should have been a move on the og instead of this epic one it just makes the legendary stats on indom very unjustified