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How to use Pyrritator?


I recently replaced my level 18 Diloranosaurus with my level 18 Pyrritator for my team. However, I can’t seem to use her properly. She’s got great moves, especially Ready to Crush but how and when do you use that move? My understanding is that move doesn’t do damage upfront but does damage later? If so, wouldn’t using that move means giving opponent a free strike first?:thinking:

What’s the best way to utilize Pyrritator?


Just don’t use her against superior strike tank, just don’t…

For RTC move, i’d suggested yout to use when you can predict an opponent movement; like when they are about to switch Dino or they don’t use ‘slow down’ skill on that turn.


So Ready to Crush is still a bit of a gamble then. I wish Pyrritator has more hp, would definitely help!


hmm yeah, Pyrritator is the same situation like Tryostronix, they both are able to deal a massive damage (Shield-Breaking in Tryox case), still, They have a different role.

Pyrritator has speed but no-immunity, got slow-debuffed? ded. She has no chance againts Full-health superiority strike-Tank

Tryostronix has Invincibility Breaker-Immunity but no-survivability, hardly to survive a second hit from an opponent.

RTC is a gamble for Pyrritator, like you said, if she has more HP that would be help (Even I’m not sure she could be able to survive Stegod himself or not), but if she has an Immunity, that will be another story.

No one can stop her with 129 speed and RTC buff, except dat instant invincibility…


I am still trying to figure out how to use Pyrritator as well, but I can suggest you one thing: against tragodistis.

In turn 1 I usually use to start with distracting impact, then if tragodisting use long invincibility, in the next turn I will use ready to crush so I am buffing myself for the next three turns AND avoid the counter attack. Of course there is still long invincibility in second turn so the other counter attack is not avoidable, but receiving one is better than two, in this case :sweat_smile:


The best way to use pyrritator is against fast dinos like trago, dilo, gorgo, etc. RTC is a really good move against anything which doesn’t nerf your speed or instant invincibility. Against a utahsinoraptor, you use DR, then try RTC on the instant charge. Otherwise, you’ll only use RTC if you will survive an attack and then attack first.


Use rtc when the enemy will use instant invincibility or cloak and oneshot him in next turn, is good vs all dinos doing insane dmg but not vs superior strike i usually use at last dino to finish the enemy, if i know he will swap dino cause if not he lose, i do rtc and oneshot hos next dino, have it at 22 and a crit do 5300 dmg whit armor rampage

He have a place on my team over another dinos, gave me alot victorys vs that indoraptors, magnapyritors etc


Imo RTC should be priority like cloak being a legendary or give it at least a half damage hit or decrease damage with it too . The moves only useful if you guess right against surges etc


When opponent has no speed debuf moves and you calculate they can’t one shot pyri load it up with r2c take non lethal damage then deliver 2-3 crits that can one shot a good percentage of Dino’s in the game. Pyri is the ultimate raptor use for cleaning up wounded if the ability to get off r2c is impeded by them having raptor counters on their team! Pyri can take 2 hits from most of the flyers if you want a specific creature to test out the r2c pyrisweep


Use RTC and rampage when you see an Indominous Rex cloak, and watch them cry when you land a 5k crit! :rofl:


Better hope it’s not a double dodge :stuck_out_tongue:


UP on this topic, you need to ask this guy

He managed to used RTC as very first move when he saw my first dino, Monomimo. I used evasive as first move and he oneshotted me (of course my monomimo haven’t dodge :sweat_smile: ).
He buried two dinos and half before I killed this glass cannon :scream:


He used RTC because a lot of people use Evasice Stance as the first move. I normally don’t use that to start, figure I would throw them for a loop if I can get away with it :rofl: