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How to use Stat Boosts?

How do you choose which dinosaurs to boost. I get boosts in an incubator but don’t know how to chose Dino.
Advice please.
Thank you.

Can you show us your dinos? Most of the time I would say boost unique dinos that are already strong but don’t know if or what you have :blush:

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Thanks for your reply. I mean how do I designate which dinos in my team get a boost.


Thanks for your reply. I mean for example my megalosuchus has the option for a speed upgrade, but I want the speed upgrade for my dracoceratops. Is it possible to transfer the upgrade?
I’ve read comments from other players who said they concentrate on upgrading certain dinos.

Just boost Thor everyone’s doing it. It’s the new trend. Common man do it. You’ll be cooooool

You can spend the speed resource to get to the next tier.

If your Dracoceratops is not ready to upgrade its probable you need to collect some rmore speed resource.

Boost the Dino’s that you like