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How to Use Tanks?

On the tier list I follow, there are a number of tanks in the higher tiers, but when I try to use them, they feel like a waste of time. Literally. They take longer to die, but do so little damage that they eventually lose.

But since they’re in the higher tiers, this probably means I’m doing something wrong, like how I used to ignore nullifying strike because it is only 1x base damage, but it can do the highest damage against shields or dodge.

So I’ve recently tried Amargocephalus, Tragodistis, and Stegodeus, and they do horribly for me. Or at least I do horribly with them. Does anyone have any hints for how to use this type of dino?

Also, I feel like I’m not the only one with this problem. For example, whenever someone trots out Carbonemys I just roll my eyes, because 95% of the time I end up killing it first. Sure, it takes a long time unless I have armor piercing in play, but ultimately Carbonemys is gonna die before my own creature. If it’s really as good as it’s supposed to be, my opponents are playing it wrong. Otherwise it’s really just overrated and obnoxious, a troll creature.

  1. Put a tank in the game.
  2. Wait to be chompered.

Tanks are good against Erlidominus, although best tanks against it are Noodle Titan, Carnotarkus (if buffed with enough HP), Stegodeus (if putting shield up first), Tragodistis, or the tank-chomper hybrid Tryko, or the shattering-counter-tank Dioraja. Other than that, they may be good in tank vs tank. But once Thor arrives, it’s the end for the tanks.

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I’m 3288 in the Sorna Marshes, so I guess I don’t encounter Erlidominus or “Thor” (I barely know what that is) yet.

So what you’re saying, though, is that there are a handful of specific creatures I should use a tank to counter, and other than that I’m correct that I should avoid them?

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Wow, sounds like Sorna Marshes changed a lot since I’ve been there. I used to encounter them both + Dracoceratops a lot there.

Every class has a handfull of stuff they counter, but you can make use of them even against stuff they’re not meant for, if you plan your next moves. Such as slowing down a chomper with Stegodeus’ Thagomizer so your next creatures can kill it easier.

Tanks are still usable but they will be severely damaged against almost any oponent.

They were a good card to slow big chompers before die but… That was before the immune meta entered. Even a Indo G2 can smash a Deus or Trago without many effort.

Do you mean by hitting and then swapping? I used to favor creatures that have swap-in attacks, but read an article somewhere claiming that the more one swaps the more likely they are to lose, based on their actual stat tracking of the game. So I moved away from that.

I did wonder, though, if this might be an example of how statistics can deceive because correlation is not causation:

One is more likely to swap when losing, so their stat saying that people who swap lose can be backward. It could be that swapping increases the likelyhood of winning, but does so less than the frequency with which desperate people swap when doomed to lose.

Not swapping. You may lose the Stegodeus to a Thor for example, but if the Thor was dumb enough to charge at you, he just wasted the charge, thus allowing you to bring out an Erlidominus, or Erlikospyx, or Utarinex to counter the Thor that may have been a speedy one. Alternatively you can bring out something that’s slower but can deal huge damage to the Thor (Ardentismaxima) which will greatly benefit from the Thagomizer the Stegodeus applied to the Thor. This is useful when the Thor chose to chomp the Stegodeus instead.
You might not have those at the moment, but in the end those + a slowing tank can go very well in higher arenas.

Okay, that makes sense!

I’m not sure if what I have on my team now really includes tanks. I have Miragaia and Stegoceratops, but I don’t really think of them as tanks: Miragaia is great because of the armor-piercing counterattacks, and Stegoceratops is a great swap-in because he can stunlock until the enemy is dead. I have Sarcorixis, but while he’s tanky he’s in a special category in my mind because he’s the best starter, almost guaranteed to kill one to two creatures before he goes down.

I’m really not sure what to remove from my team to add a tank or two for such occasions. My team is:

  1. Sarcorixis (19)
  2. Procerathomimus (17)
  3. Indominus Rex Gen 2 (15)
  4. Indominus Rex (17)
  5. Thylacotator (16)
  6. Miragaia (19)
  7. Stegoceratops (16)
  8. Purutaurus (15)

I guess I can replace Purutaurus, who despite being my favorite really seems to lose easily. But that only gives me one tank, so I’ll only have a tank on the active team in half the matches. But I feel like every other creature on there is indispensable

Do you have any advice? Am I overdoing it by having both Indominuses, for example?.

Sarcorixis is pretty good.
Proceratho at the moment is good too.
Indom Rex G2 > use it to get Indoraptor Gen2
Indom Rex > Use it to get Erlidominus
Thylacotator is good as a bleeder + has a useful swap in distract.
Stegoceratops is more of a surprise swap in. Can prove useful in some situations and can even annoy chompers such as Tenontorex.
Miragaia - is good for the moment but later on you should invest in Dsungaia (might get a unique in the future) or replace with Trykosaurus for a good hybrid chomper-tank.
Purutaurus > Transform it into Carnotarkus, which can be useful against other tanks, Erlidominus (to weaken it by going for rampage first and having a lot of HP, ideally you should invest boosts in Carnotarkus HP). May also be useful vs Indoraptors if they don’t go for dodge first turn. Though even if they do, they’re about to get a major rampage to the face.

I have indeed been wondering about leveling up some of the best creatures on my team vs using the DNA to build higher evolves.

Just now I was looking at my IRg2 and trying to decide whether to level him up or invest in Indoraptor2. But it’ll take a while to do the latter, and I don’t know if it’s worth losing progress with my current team.

I take it you feel the general rule is to work on the higher evolves even when it means sacrificing progress on a current team member?

For most yeah. There are some differences for some creatures (some of which you don’t have on team). For example, there’s Utarinex vs Utasinoraptor, which perform 2 different styles in battle. So one could just keep leveling Utasino to max for a fighter that has all of its attacks meant for staying on battlefield, or use Utasino’s DNA on Utarinex which can deal major damage while swapping out and can collaborate with the next teammate to its right.

Indominus Rex can be used as it is due to its huge bulk, but at some point going against Thor with it may be risky because it will almost always be slower than the Thor. Erlidominus with Cloak has higher chances of fighting thors and dealing major damage to stuff it’s less ideal against just due to its speed. It cannot pierce armor, but its huge attack on first turn means it won’t be missing the armor piercing anyway.

I don’t see any reason for keeping Purutaurus other than that it can cleanse bleed/slow, but it’s not the best vs bleeders anyway and you don’t need to cleanse slow vs tanks. The armor + the extra attack make Carnotarkus better.

Indominus Rex G2 I’m not sure how well it performs by itself, and not sure what Indoraptor G2 will be like next patch. At the moment it has very few counters. So you can hold off on this one for a while but don’t level it any further until you see the next patch. Replace it with something easier to level if you really want something to level up with your team. Perhaps Tenontorex or Alosino, depending on whether you have parks nearby or if you have access to Allosaurus’ zone, or a restaurant nest.

Well, see, I just find Purutaurus fun, dammit! He has that Greater Rending Counter Attack, and so can wear down an enemy like Miragaia, but with a greater variety of options…Miragaia is a faceroll creature, you just mash the one button repeatedly and occasionally heal. Kinda boring to play.

And for some reason, I think Purutaurus and Purrolyth just look cool. I like watching them creep out onto the field like they’re gonna be trouble.

But yeah, they’re a pain to level up so they’re always the lowest on my team, and keep dying.

You’re expecting them to nerf it because of this lack of counters?

I need to learn what to find where. So if I drive to a nearby park I find Allosauruses? Allosaurae. Allosauri. Allosaurusesess.

What’s a restaurant nest?

Is there a page somewhere that lists what spawns where?

He looks cool but both Purutaurus and Carnotarkus have the same counter.

Yeah they were asking how to nerf IndoraptorG2’s Cautious Strike.

If you walk into a park, you can find Tenontosaurus, which, coupled with T.Rex Gen 2 + Dilophosaurus Gen2 (which form Tyrannolophosaurus), you can get Tenontorex.
Allosaurus can be found in Zone 3. A zone is some part of your city or village and covers squares of 4KM. There are 4 zones that keep repeating on the grid. Also, nests can be anywhere as long as they coincide with what it says there. Restaurants spawn Allosaurus, Tarbosaurus (good for Thoradolosaur) Gorgosaurus, SpinoG2, and T.Rex.

The problem is that tanks are speed bumps at best. Once your opponent pulls out a half way decent armour eater it’s toast.

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I wanted to just say “Thanks!”, but this post has to be at least ten characters.

Other than the tower titans and the turtle hybrids, right now in this meta tanks are honestly not worth using. Especially when you are facing unique chompers with legendary tanks.

Stegodeus is one of my main (LVL30 with 29boost on 30)
He is the best counter i found against both indoraptors (thagomizer then shield then rampage)and erlidom (shield + rampage)
He do awesome against utarinex,diloracheirus,
against spyx,both die oftenly
He destroy magna by loosing half his life

Tanks have one advantage than some others creatures havent:
Its useless so boost their speed,they are slow and are designed to be slow and get some hit,they have tools to slow opponents.
So boosts their hp and damage only.
You can end with a stegodeus with 9k hp and 1840dmg which deliver 3680 on every rampage

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Stegod and tragod are some of the best tanks you can create and use when you are at low level arenas but you say that they don’t perform very well and you are at sorna marshes which i find a little weird but i guess you fight a lot of chompers. Maybe if you want to add a tank you can try paramolch. Is not exactly a tank but he is speedy with shields, stuns and immunity to stuns so allosino can not kill him very easy plus it has regen and run. Another fake tank is edmontoguanonton which he is slow with a lot hp and very versatile kit. He can slow, null and stun the opponent plus he has regen and run too and a swap in stun.

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This is why Stegod and Tragod stay on my team. A few days ago I posted a video of my Tragod taking out two chompers (Thor and Indoraptor). Today it was Stegod’s time to shine. These are from two battles done a few minutes ago.