How to utilise Tany?

I am just after a little bit of advice on how to utilise Tany in the battle arena.
Is it something you quickly swap in to null a cloak? Or save it till last to sweep up some low hp dinosaurs?

Also at what level should I stop leveling it? I got it to level 15 last night because the way I figure is if it gets a legendary hybrid it will need to be 15…but would need to be 20 for a unique correct? If it gets one.

I see many of the top players having one in their team so it must be good.

The thing that worries me is that it’s a raptor and thus has low health, and to make things worse it doesn’t null damage like velociraptor…so if it gets hit it might get one shotted!

I e literally never used this dino even once inside the arena…and come to think of it, I don’t think I used it in a strike tower either lol

Anyways any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Stephen!
Oh and I’ve got a wee bit of DNA to spare if I need to level it :crazy_face:

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Tany has only 2 moves but it is fast. A high level tany also packs quite a punch. His/her nullifying move removes all positive effects of his/her opponent. No shield or evasive moves are gonna stop it. Just don’t use it against an armored dino. Because of its somewhat low health, you’ll need to really level this dino up quite a bit but it is a common so it isn’t that hard to find.

So do swap it in on a low health or stunned Dino? Or used last to clean up a low health team?

I’m gathering you wouldn’t start with it as it’s gunna die fast.

I’ve only used it in 2 battles so far and in one it got one shotted and the next two shotted lol

The lack of damage reducing pounce seems to hurt, but I’m probably just using it wrong!

I have it in my team, level 19 ready to go to lev 20 (after the new patch in order to see if she won’t be nerfed :see_no_evil: or maybe if she will have an hybrid :pray: and how - if lev 15 needed or lev 20)

Really it depends on the other dinos I have in my fab 4 fighting and what dinos I am facing. Of course I don’t spam her as first, but for second on third usually, swapped in as last dino very rarely.

Let’s make an example on how I use it: my first is tragodistis and the opponent starts with Indominus Rex (that’s original :roll_eyes: )
So turn 1, trago impact, Indom Armor Piercing Impact
Turn 2 I need to put my shield on, otherwise I’m dead, Indom goes with Armor Piercing Rampage
Then I know for sure Indom will go with cloak on my second shield turn and having the Armor Piercing Rampage ready again the next turn, and then my tany pop up, not being hit, aaaaaaaaaaaaaand nullify! A lev 20 Indom 2x without cloak is 1792, my tany hp are 2282, I can survive well and destroy Indom.

Tany is also a faster dino, 130, only v-raptor can go first in battle (yes there are other dinos at 131 and 130 but not usable in the battlefield).

She is a great counter for monomimo too, either for the speed and for the nullifying move.

Superiority Strike is the only move that makes her die, also bleeding when DoT meta will arrive. And this is the reason why I don’t spam her, cause first I want to kill their stegodeo or tragodisti :rofl: Beside of that, she is indeed a great dino! :heart_eyes:


Thanks for the great example there, I will see how I go.

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I’m just trialling Tanycolagreus atm, as I had a lot of it’s DNA spare I levelled it straight up to L18 for the 1000+ damage. My main thought was to use it to counter the influx of indoraptor to the meta, however I soon realised that I needed to level it up to L19 in order to out last a L21 indoraptors rampage.

It is basically a late game sweeper (to use Pokémon terms). Being one of the only dinosaurs currently with a nullifying move gives it a unique utility (only limited by it’s cooldown), but like you say it’s a weak raptor type so not a good one to lead with (unless the opponent makes an appallingly bad choice). A good counter to the 3 RNG-o-saurs and shield bearers, however it desperately needs hybrids.

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This forum is a great knowledge bank, but I feel that a lot of the advice given by high-level players holds lower-level players back. When you have a team consisting of 3-4 uniques and 4-5 top-class legendaries, it is easy to say don’t spend coins on this because it’s not worth it or don’t level that because it might get a hybrid. It takes me weeks on end to level a legendary, therefore I need to ignore this type of advice to advance while strengthening my team. Long rant, but point is, go with what is currently available to you and don’t hold back speculating about what might happen. Otherwise, stop leveling your Stegodeus, because it might get nerfed, and start leveling your Iguanodon because it might get a super hybrid… On the subject of Tanycolagreus, I am currently at 4,700 trophies and have a level 22 on my team. Only 500 DNA to go, before I can level him to 23. I believe you will find him useful once you get him to level 20+. Not an opening dino, but a great Monomimus counter and one that can easily take out a wounded Indoraptor and I-Rex. All-in-all, a good nullifier, with a potent punch. I find him very useful and he is a staple on my team. Can’t wait to beef him up some more!


I say level it up as high as you can. Mine is 22. At the same level, it’s your new perfect 2 shot indo counter (if it doesn’t crit). Since Tany is faster, start off with strike, then nullify. Indo dies, as evasive cant save it. Later today, I’ll post a video of it taking down an indom too.

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Following this, I just subbed him into my team, but took him back out after a rough run. I’ll need to level him up more and then try again. I’m level 13, trophy average 3550, with Tany 17

The only time you swap in Tany is if you have just stunned an opponent, or you can predict that your opponent will cloak/evade on the same turn. Whenever I see an Indo, my Tany will always follow after Indo kills whatever its facing. Even though, at an equal level, Tany always beats Indo if you strike then nullify. Monomimus is my backup to Tany.


I am doing exactly like this :sweat_smile: I think I am a mid player, not advanced, and yes I am waiting for what might happen… I stopped levelling Stegodeo and I used Nodopatosauro’s dna to create gigaspikasauro and nodopatotitan :heart_eyes: I want to collect them all! And not being sick if I loose some trophies, as soon as I can fullfill 4 incubators. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the advice everyone! Im starting to see how Tany is used now so I shall see how things go!

@MagicFingers im looking forward to watching you take down that Indom!


Here you go @Stiffeno.


Great video mate :sunglasses:, I’m surprised that they didn’t swap out their Indominus when Tany came out, either they forgot they were already two down…or more likely they didn’t have anything left that could survive 2 hits from your Tany.

Stunned dino. Never swap in to lose hp. Swap out at less than 65%. Use as executioner after a dino loss, hit 2nd dino that comes out and swap her out and do not lose her

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I swapped Tany in because I knew they had no choice but to cloak and I would not take damage. If they did swap out, yes anything that came in would have to survive 2 straight hits from my Tany.

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