How to win all JWA Pterosaur strike events

  1. Get a high level Gorgosuchus
  2. Go near a strike event
  3. Fight it
  4. Use defense shattering strike because they might swap into a “swap in shield”
  5. If they only have a team with only “swap in ferocity”, use ferocious strike
  6. Use defense shattering impact
  7. When almost done killing all of them and Gorgo is running out of HP, swap into suchomimus
  8. Do your epic Dino dance
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Or just use T-Rex and crush them quickly


love using my 25 trex

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I use my Baryonyx. Because the birds like to swap a lot, I frequently get to use RTC without penalty. :grin:

Wow, don’t you trust yourself enough to do it yourself @Memerio?

They’d better not. They might stun their opponent and glitch the battle. :joy:

The problem with rexy is that she is slow!