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How to win more trophies


Not very helpful

I don’t really care about trying to max trophies per win, all I care about is finishing in dom, and I don’t care where. Maybe it’s useful for people trying to sneak in and or people that want the top score? Other than that i don’t see the point really.

Maybe trying to pick teams to max trophies i might get and extra 4 or 5 trophies per battle… maybe? So lets say 5 trophies per battle it would take 7 battles to net me an extra 35 trophies or 1 extra win. 245 trophies vs 280 trophies. Once in dom i’m lucky if i do 7 battles twice a day but I win them all. Going for max trophies it would only take 1 loss to really screw the whole point for min maxing. I’d rather just stick with my top 7 teams get in, win and be done as quick as possible, JMO


Well for lower level players who eventually face absurdly strong enemies it can be advantageous…


I agree with Sub on this one.

The point of the trophies is that if you face a team stronger than yours and even you using your best team … it will be more trophies…

For example when I use my top creatures and everyone is in cooldown, I use the lower level creatures…

I guess it’s very dependent on your line up. If you have 8 lvl 40 Indoraptors i guess it wouldn’t be beneficial to use 3 on a team. I guess what i was trying to say was I like using solid teams that I pretty much know i can win with but still get a reasonable # of trophies. For me those dino’s are my top 8 or 9 teams or so.

And again, i tend to play or do as few battles as possible, i just want a dom finish and reward. I can accomplish that and not have to dig very deep into my bench right now and i can typically use those teams twice a day so it works out perfect.


I actually have 8 indoraptors, but they are level 10…

Saves time

Just crush the opponent. Whats more frustrating than getting 29 trophies is taking a loss. I have enough big dinos (3500 hp and up) to put up 900 trophies a day. But once I get to 700, I am done for the day. I like to take the last day off if I can. My teams are normally 4k,4k,3k and if I loose, it’s because the game dropped connection.