How to win MOST boss strikes

Now you way think that me, a level 8 player cannot beat boss strikes easly but, I had a go at cunning duo and KILLED diplo gen 2. Won brachiosaurus strike and would have won rajakylisaur strike if I was not on holiday. The key is 2 rares (unless you have epic +) suchotator and spino do this really easilly and aren’t that hard to find. So as superiority strike can’t cleanse bleed, use it.

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Shh…don’t brag it here…ludia might find out and make it harder next time😂

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U got another one to try today. 25 charlie 26 delta 27 blue

Oh. Velociraptor should reck then spino dimorphodon, apatosaur and suchotator.

Should have thought about it, but I feel it’s deliberate

You should differentiate between easy epic battles and really hard epic battles.
I‘m happy for u, don‘t take me wrong, but f.e. the last epic strike event with Diloracheirus and Diloranosaurus has been very hard.

Also luck is almost always an important factor. :wink:

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I saw that one and was like, nope im not winning that