How to win pterosaurus strike?


My brother was playing the epic pterosaurus strike and he loss his chances :joy: he used tiranosaurus, indominus, gorgosuchus, postimetrodon, he used strong dinos that they have break-defense strike but it didn’t work, any tips/dinos for this strike? Stunning or armored dinos for this strike could work?


Fast and/or nullifiers worked for me; did most of it with Monostegotops.


Heh, this sounds kinda dumb, but I won it with Suchotator (lvl 14) and Postimetrodon (lvl 16) and used Ankylocodon (lvl 15) for finishing off. Used Lethal Wound the first move, because my opponent always used Rampage first with the Alanqa. Then I used Nullifying Impact, because of the typical swap, and then Instant Cripple so I had more health after a Rampage or another high-damage move. Worked perfectly, and the rewards are definitely worth it! Can already unlock Alanqa, and got 75 DNA of Pteranadon. Try things with high health and DoT moves, because of the high health and all the Invincibility moves.


I used gorgosuchus and he only died in the last round so I used tany


I made it just with Tyrannosaurus Rex (lvl 15) and Megalosuchus (lvl 16). Indominus proved herself useless here due to those swap-in shields. I also had Stegodeus just in case.


Well i use Trex and gorghoshucus both of them lvl 14. Last 1 i use stegoceratop lvl 14 and monolophosaur lvl 13, gorgo 1st follow up trex rest mono or ategocera depend on enemy who i face.


Speed and high level did it for me, Velo lvl 19, Blue lvl 15, Tany lvl 19 and Nundasuchus lvl 21.


My Gorgo soloed the Epic tower…:blush:


I would not recommend using a stun attack on the tower, there’s a big glitch right now with stunning AI’s and as there is only one attempt I would not recommend trying it.


I had the following for my lineup: Indoraptor (21), Tryostronix (18), Monostegotop (20), Monomimus (17). Indoraptor solo-ed them all but that’s also because his evasive stance actually worked 60% of the time this time so I was able to use defense shattering rampage pretty often.

Good strike tower, these flying creatures can really be formidable foes in battles when leveled up and used strategically. That rampage from the Alankylosaurus really hurts.:laughing:


not sure, but i’ll probably use monomimus. they all usually have swap in shield and you just nullify them and then kill them. :+1:


Only if stunlock is the problem. Stunned 3x in a row with stegoceratops which helped a lot…


Stunlock is not the problem. It is where you stun the AI and it sits there on next turn thinking what to do for the entire countdown. If it happens 2 times in a row then you automatically lose the battle.


Same for me and stegodeus at the end!

Any one else find the strike events funny when there is only 1 bird and it swaps? It flies in the air and comes back down like it can’t make up its mind


Made it with Gorgosuchus lvl17, posti lvl 15, Monolomentro lvl 16 and Stegodeus lvl 19. Gorgo made it to the last round, dying only once. Monolometro didn’t worked well, so Stegodeus finished it. Last round isn’t so easy at least not for lower players.


I won it with Rex, Stegoceratops, and V-Raptor. Once they’re stunned (and they’re an easy stun), smack them until they drop.


Gorgosuchus works well because it is defense shattering and faster. That and my stegodeus and suchatator did the job for me.


Just wanted to drop a note and say a huge thank you to all who posted here - this helped my sons who are very underlevelled for stuff like this actually complete it with no losses. This was super cool, and very helpful.

Thank you all.


Thanks for all the support and help in my post! It is so appreciated of their part! Now let’s see if it works! Again, thanks to all! :+1::ok_hand:


Same here, except when my Gorgo died, I went for Velociraptor!