How will a cloaked rending counter work?

With the introduction of indotaurus, we have a creature that can cloak with a greater rounding counter attack. Does that mean the counter will do 66% of a creatures health if it’s hit? Or will the cloak not affect the counter?


Well I hope it doesn’t because It shouldn’t

As far as I’ve understood it, yes, a Cloaked Greater Rending Counter will hit for 66.8% of the opponent’s health. I do not believe there are any exceptions to what Cloak will multiply except DoT.


Cloak only doubles the damage on the next attack, so if it works this way then if you’re running Gorgotrebax or something else with a high rend res you could technically waste Indotaurus cloak on the counter.


Wouldn’t it usually be used in the counter then? That’s kind of unfortunate.

Just imagine this situation. A max attack boosted indotaurus does revenge cloak. Its health is also in the alert stage. Now the opponent swaps out, and alert on escape cloak activates. The creature that comes in has no rend resistance or swap in distraction or dodge, and does some damage with swap in stunning strike. Now, if greater rending counter is affected by the double cloak, then indotaurus will do a counter attack that will KO the opponent (or maybe take down a large chunk of health of the opponent). Then the opponent gets hit by the double revenge/alert cloak boosted rampage. Well, swapping is gonna be tough now lol.

Really depends on its stats, and the opponent. The cloaked counter will potentially do more damage than a cloaked attack would.

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It depends
If the counter is as well times 2 it will be 665 of health
But it maybe only 33% so i dont know

I think the counter won’t end the cloak. So on revenge, 99.9% of opponent’s hp?!

Cloak is 2x damage on the next attack, it will not effect the counter, it would be the most broken move ever if it did.

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I sure hope so, considering the swap in meta is a dreadful experience. And it does seem like even mono could be good against this, cos it has a distraction + rend resist + definite impact.

Counter attacks are considered attacks, in terms of shields and distraction duration. So it makes sense for it to apply on the counter and have a regular hit next. Don’t act like there aren’t plenty of moves that remove cloak. Even magna can handle this thing in my estimation of course, barring any unforeseen broken stats, which tbh is likely … coz ludia made phorurex.

I won’t say it’s impossible but I will say it feels unlikely and I hope it isn’t the case. That would mean it could potentially be a 100% rend attack which don’t get me wrong, I hate the swap meta so anything that weakens it I’m all for. Even by Ludia standards a 100% damage attack seems over the top

They designed specifically so the rending counter can’t do 100. The revenge TAUNTING cloak is 2.5x, so 2.5 times 33 is 83 percent, sure it’s nutty but that’s its design, for all we know it could have terrible distraction resistance.

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