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How will cc season 3 affect jwa

Found more wiki info on Suchomimus

Suchomimus was later cloned by InGen for Jurassic World on Isla Nublar, where it lived alongside Baryonyx and a selection of herbivorous dinosaurs in the Cretaceous Cruise area of the island. After the park was abandoned in 2015, surviving populations of Suchomimus were still extant on Nublar as of 2018. But after Mount Sibo’s eruption, it is unknown if any survived.

So it’s unknown if they were actually in the movie. I think they are but is insanely hard to see them.

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I think we may be going a little bit off topic here. :sweat_smile:

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I agree lol

What new dinos do you think will be added in 2.9 (guess)

Breaking news Camp creatatious season 3 trailer

Credit to proc for the link
Can you spot any easter eggs

The visitor center! been ages since that’s been seen on the screen
Monolophosaurus from the toy leak? probably
Blue finally attacking the kids! been waiting for that for a while after the raptor pen incident
Good to know gallimimus and dimorphodon didn’t go extinct in the show lol, though I must admit the galli run looks odd, much like the para
and they got electric fences?!?
& where is bumpy? She must be in every trailer!!!
and it would appear as though e750 escapes and tackles Wu… so my prediction is that the attack was done by e750 when she or he was a juvenile and so it broke out of its containment cell, and so scientists may have underestimated its power, and so Wu is attacked. This mean he has stitches from its attacks? And so as it grows older, Wu became more aware of its unmaintainable power and froze it, that’s my guess, and so he talks about how aggressive or unmaintainable it is in the video.
and so far, if I hadn’t seen the toy leak of it, I like how e750 looks, still looks like an indoraptor but I hope the show makes her better

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Bumpy doesn’t show in 3 trailer & 2 trailer but shows for a little bit in season 1 trailer

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Wait when will dilophosaurus show up again.

Bumpy wasn’t revealed in the season 2 trailer neither. Sometimes they just let important characters out of the trailer in order to don’t spoil too much

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They’re probably focus more on monolophosaurus this season

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Because it’s a newer creature

Yep. But dilophosaurus could still be featured since he is so known from the camp cretaceous line

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Also Dominion

I found a thing on social media, though if y dont want spoilers dont look I guess


:sob: It’s so cute.
Reminds me of the first land before time movie.


yes it is, guess we know why there was a baby brachi toy leak a while ago

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hahaa no, thank u

Really excited about possible friday raids and new dinos.

Same as well